Just into the emerald circle of novices, it is hard to avoid encountering a few pits.

If the novice can learn from these holes and gain practical experience, it will not be for nothing.

The most afraid of some people really is "rich capricious", do not hit the south wall, do not look back, a pit followed by a pit to step on.

In order to avoid everyone in the pit more and more deep, Xuan brother thinks it is necessary to be a popular science jade novice guide.

That is, in the industry spread for a long time "5 do not buy, 3 do not choose". It can help us avoid those who should not buy jade pit 39bet-kết quả bóng đá-kết quả xổ số miền bắc-kèo bóng đá -soi cầu bóng đá-đặt cược.

​First, let's understand what "5 don't buy" is.

1, do not buy thin water material jade

The so-called thin water material refers to those particularly thin jadeite, which is often said to be thin water wide.

Can't buy because these especially thin jadeite, although bright color, but there is a fatal defect, that is very brittle, by a light external force will be broken.

We buy jade that is not aimed at one-time wear, so this jade xuan brother strongly does not recommend it.

8e89dbb4b1e3ec957255c72ff902cbd62, do not buy doubt jade

Once the shine and color feel unnatural, no matter how much you like it, don't buy it.

For beginners, it's best to buy what you know. Don't listen to the merchant "this is a new variety" or "texture is very special". He is eager for you to find and sell goods.

3, do not buy the internal clutter of jade

Although there are some flaws in jade is inevitable, the existence of impurities or to have a degree.

Too messy obvious cracks, black spots, will not only destroy the beauty of jade, but also reduce the value of jade.

4, do not buy strange jade

The so-called strange shape, mostly in order to remove the dirty part of the business, deliberately.

So carved jade, how to look a little strange, Xuan elder brother is also not recommended to buy.

5, do not buy scenic jade

Jade scenic spot that is really a pit a quasi, do is a one-time sale. These vendors are still on the move, even if you want to go back to find people to settle accounts, there are no people.

The problem with the jadeite in the scenic spot is not the poor quality, but whether what he sells is real jadeite. When I got home and found that I had bought fake jade, I was really angry.

Therefore, travel outside to enjoy the beautiful scenery, do not whim, take back a few jades.

Say "5 don't buy", let's see what "3 don't choose" is.

1, do not choose non-colored jadeite

​The Jadeite industry has been circulating "expert see kind, layman see color" this sentence, it is not difficult to see the kind of jadeite color is more important than jadeite.

And the representative of the non-colored species is the dry green kind of jade. It does not say that the dry green kind of jade is without merit, but for the novice, should pay more attention to the "kind of water".

2, do not choose the kind of water difference jade

​The kind of water is very important, so the kind of water is very poor jade do not choose, such as bean kind of jade.

Beans and the following jadeite generally have loose texture, easy to "variant", jadeite will slowly turn yellow, with a certain risk.

3, do not choose fake jade

Fake jade is what we often say B goods, C goods, B+C goods. These fake goods are not only less than natural A goods jade, wear for a long time to the body and harm, it is useless.

The above are several generations of jade people summed up the experience, although not comprehensive, but also can help novices to avoid some common pits.

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