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  1. It is illegal to pick up things, but it does not necessarily constitute a crime. The illegal occupation of the forgotten things of others is illegally, and the amount is large and refused to hand over it. If the other party already knew that the evidence was picked up his items, if he had not lost his possession, the person who had lost the matter had already taken it away, then he might be suspected of theft.
    [Legal analysis]
    The abandoned objects are suitable for occupation first, but lost objects, theft is not suitable for goodwill to obtain the system, so it needs to be returned when you get lost. If you know the right holder, you should return it immediately. If you do n’t know, you can submit it to the public security organs. The public security organs know that the right holder ’s notification will be collected. Considering, belonging to the country. The necessary fees can be required, but there is no need to pay (unless there is a reward announcement) if the loss of loss caused by intentional or major negligence needs to be compensated for losses. If the person who has no disposal rights will be lost, and then sells it to the unknown third party (note that it is not suitable for the goodwill system), the original owner may have two options. The second can be required to return the original possessor to the original, and the treatment of the original object can be returned directly (free). The third party requested that the person who had no right right to compensate for the loss. If it is an auction institution or an operator with a business qualification, the original owner shall pay the same consideration to the existing possessor, and then find the right to dispose of the right to request compensation.
    [Legal basis]
    “The Code of the People’s Republic of China”
    Article 312 The owner or other right holders have the right to recover the lost objects. If the lost object is occupied by others, the right holder has the right to request damage compensation from the person who is not punished, or if he knows or should know or know the assignee, the assignee requests to return the original. Those who buy the loss through auction or to the operator with business qualifications shall pay the fees paid by the concession when the right holder requests to return the restore. After the right holder pays the payment fee, he has the right to recover to the person without the right.
    It 314: If you get lost, you shall return the right holder. The person who picks up shall promptly notify the right holder to receive, or send it to the relevant departments such as public security.

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