2 thoughts on “Is Mosan drill durable? How long can I wear?”

  1. Mozang diamond is not durable to understand the durability of Moisan drill according to the physical properties of Mozang diamond, because the physical properties of gems are the most basic, and the later coating is not within the basic physical properties. The coating process will be used because of future use. Methods and time to change the original appearance.

    . The physical properties of a Mozan drill can be seen by hardness, fire color, brightness, gloss, and worrying that it is easy to scratch the hardness. Below the diamond, above the red gemstones, the probability of being scratched is low, and it is usually necessary to clean it regularly. The problem that is not flashing for a long time can be judged according to the brightness, fire color and gloss of Mozang diamond. The color of the color is 2.4 times, while the brightness and refraction are similar. Mossan diamonds who buy genuine sources can be worn for 60-70 years. There is no big problem. Any jewelry must be carried out regularly to keep it shining. I hope to help you and hope to adopt it!

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