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  1. Mai Lingling 2022 is a tiger in the year of the year. In this season of resigning the old and welcoming the new, jewelry designers use jewelry design full of national style and elegant charm, to refine the ancient oriental charm, convey new possibilities, and turn into a tacit friend around them. The preferred item of the wind. The Taurus New Year wears gold ornaments, and pleases a good and good luck, hoping to usher in the next year, reunion. May good luck and you like you, condense thousands of possibilities, every day is a good day, and years are safe.
    This dance shadow, Huakai Happiness
    A Yijin · Hua Kai Die Dance Series
    "Five Love" of love family, love partners, love yourself, loved friends, and baby In the concept of cultural concepts, the Asian Gold Store brought a new love gold and Diekai butterfly dance series gold jewelry for the 2022 New Year. The new series adopts rich and rich flowers and beautiful butterfly elements. Although it adheres to the traditional ancient method casting technology, it does not have the heavy texture of retro jewelry. It is forged by hollow, relief, and layered ancient techniques. The color is warm and elegant, and the traditional cultural elements of butterflies and flowers are sublimated with modern fashion aesthetics. I have clever thoughts, and the sense of light and fashion has changed. The inherent impression of gold. The full series of rich products create a fashionable shape, suitable for daily changes, and can create thousands of styles on various occasions.

    Call gold · Hua Kai Die Dance series high luxury

    nThe butterfly broke the cocoon and exhibited his wings to fly, like the two wings of the row. It is the symbol of beauty and freedom, and it is also a gorgeous transformation that breaks the barrier to the sun. Like the flowers that are blooming, there are also the meaning of women's blooming glory. When the flowers bloom, the butterfly will come to find incense, as if love has emerged and attracts each other, and loves and loves. With the twins of flowers and butterflies, they show the strong love of mutual guardianship and attracting each other. They also carry deep attachment and dependence on their families, walking with love, awakening hope, and ushered in flowers.

    Ashi new spokesperson Liu Xuan Wang Tao and his wife brought new love and gold | Flower Kai butterfly dances to Asia Yiyi Cultural Flagship Store
    The image is upgraded. Shanghai Yuyuan, as the birthplace of the Yiyi brand, condenses the trend of ancient times to the present, and the flagship store of Asia -One Culture will start again with a new look. It is more deeply appreciated by the fusion of nostalgia and modernity, and the classic intersection of modern and retro. At the same time as the Asian cultural flagship store was officially launched, the new spokesperson, champion, actor Liu Xuan, monocratic player, professor of music, and doctoral supervisor Wang Tao for the first time.
    It "Ling", Fuman's year
    Old X Mai Lingling's year of Ruyi Series
    Old and Yixue Mai Lingling and launched the "year -old Ruyi" series of cultural jewelry. The "year -old Ruyi" series was presented for the first time in 2022. Ms. Mai Lingling combined with the essence of the traditional culture of the twelve earthly branches and the three -in -three -in -three -in -three -in -one zodiac style, helping you find a good luck. His zodiac is noble. It is not only a wish that comes to the coming year, but also the fashionable accessories that add color to life. Once you come, you have become a popular good choice. This year, on the basis of the original basis, the twelve zodiac transfer to the golden beads, and launched four new auspicious small accessories to achieve new ones, so that each zodiac can find a good transportation partner who fits with themselves. Looking forward to the wrist.

    Old X Mai Lingling's "year of Ruyi" series of zodiac transfer beads
    This "year -old Ruyi" series is cattle, dragons, horses, sheep, dog zodiac, supplement All the lucky choices of good luck. It complements each other, hopes, life is like a brocade, and good luck is accompanied. The zodiac transshipment beads can be combined freely with the lucky small accessories to match their own unique hand rope. In addition to the six small accessories of Ruyi, Apple, ancient money, gourd, butterfly, and Qiankun bag launched in 2022, four new small accessories were added this year to shape classical imagery with vocal lines, expressing fashion personality, and adding auspiciousness. Blessings, Hongyun accompanied, agile.

    On zodiac transshipment beads can be combined with the lucky small accessories
    . For example, the koi of the red -body golden tail swims on the sparkling water surface. The meaning of transportation, like fish ". The light spirits are swaying, adding a touch of style to daily wear. The round and full medium is embedded with a square Tongbao, with a small golden bead, and the ancient and ancient shape conveys the desire of "financial source, gold in the daily fighting". The exquisite elephant uses "Xiang" to "Xiang", which is both a Vientiane update and auspiciousness. The "light" of the red lantern can be demolished as "fire" and "Ding", which means "Hongyun is the head, and the man is prosperous".
    Ilads to operate Van sanctuary update
    Sepan Shengsheng Xin ugly cattle new year of jewelry
    time Xin Ugly cattle arrives, Zhou Shengsheng has launched a number of great zodiac jewelry masterpieces to carry beautiful blessings, vividly portrayed the spirituality, vivid The adorable Taurus gesture, hopes that the new year will operate, Vientiane is updated. The "Taurus" full -gold facilities are presented in a vivid cartoon. Mavericks with a cowboy bag full of copper coins are round and full, and they have a lot of expectations with everyone. The color of color and gold is compared, which means that the flowers are wealthy and full of wealth.

    The gift series of gift series
    In addition to the round and full Taurus foot gold ornament, Zhou Shengsheng craftsman also uses beef as the design theme, and vivid strokes create a variety of auspicious and pleasing cattle. Styling jewelry, embellish your good mood for you. The new product of the Petchat series "Bulls and Sky" outlines the lively and vivid image of Mavericks with smooth lines. Under the beautiful appearance of the zodiac beef, the heart is full of guardianship energy.

    PET Chat series calf foot gold jewelry

    charme series foot gold beads
    rotating the wrist beads, creative Zhou Shengsheng launched multiple CHARME series cattle elements sufficient elements sufficient elements New products of golden beads are full of blessings with a gorgeous red hand rope with an oriental charm. CHARME's "Taurus Fortune" football beads created by hard gold -based casting process is exquisite and three -dimensional. "Flowers and rich cattle" foot gold beads, meticulous painting technology with meticulous painting technology, implying flowers and wealth. The "Cow Turnive Fortune" model vividly portray the Mavericks' backward attitude.
    It you have me, love and family
    Qeelin X Bao joint jewelry
    The high -end jewelry brand Qeelin and well -known fashion blogger Bags launch a new joint jewelery work in a modern way The extraordinary charm of the integration of Torder aesthetics is revealed, and the prelude to the 2022 Lunar New Year. This joint work is Mr. Bao's first jewelry cross -border design, and it is also the first time that Qeelin has cooperated with fashion bloggers.

    Qeelin X Bao joint jewelery
    This work is based on Qeelin's most classic wulu style as the original original, and a single diamond is inlaid on the red agate to be rare The gemstone is combined with the exquisite craftsmanship, and provides a variety of creative methods to show the fashion inspiration of Qeelin and Mr. Bao. Continuing Qeelin's classic Wulu series full of positive energy, the tenderness of "you have me, love and family" is more likely to run through this joint jewelry work. Qeelin first tried the double -sided transparent design and incorporated a single diamond into the perfect lines out of the Wulu outlined by 18K rose gold, giving the classic new vitality. Product, it is a passing of love.

    Qeelin X Bao joint jewelry
    Qeelin and Mr. Bao reached a consensus at the beginning of the design, hoping to present this jewelry work in an innovative manner, add a adjustable red rope Qiaoqiao Qiaoqiao Qiaoqiao ingenuity Thinking is born. The red rope symbolizes blessing as a gourd in traditional culture. This time, Qeelin merges red rope in jewelry design, and combines two traditional elements of red rope and gourds with modern modern design. In addition to the combination of 18K rose gold necklaces, red rope can be wrapped around the wrist, and the dual wear method adds fun and personality to the fashion shape, and the interpretation is unlimited.
    A Editor -in -chief: Li Shuping
    The above is the relevant content related to Mai Lingling's 2022 Tiger Tiger, which is about Mai Lingling sharing. After watching the three people who belong to the tiger's life, I hope this will help everyone!

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