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  1. Establishment time: 1946
    Address: CAMPETTO, 2-16123-Genova
    Tel: 0039-25-49-111; Fax: 0039-81-32-52
    Chairman of the Club: Calonini
    Master coach: Novilino
    The main stadium: Ferraris Stadium 40117 people
    Main team uniforms: blue and white shirts, white pants, white socks
    n club clubs Honor
    Serie A

    R n The Italian Super Cup champion Italiana
    R n
    The club Introduction:
    The is a natural seaport in Ligulian Sea Bay. According to the city, from the map, the old city part is like a large shell with a wide tip. Although Genoa and Cannes and Nice in France are on the coastline, it is only more than 100 kilometers apart, but the city style is very different. The stone architecture here is magnificent and simple, and the tall pillars in front of the building are extraordinary.
    The Naya is the hometown of the navigator Columbus, and it is also the largest heavy industrial port in Italy. There are countless ships that come from here every day. Whether from the perspective of industrial or historical and cultural perspectives, Genoa is one of the most important cities in Italy. At the same time Genoa is also one of the most important football cities in Italy. This is completely comparable to Turin and Milan. One of the city's football team Genoa participated in the first Italian football League. In 1893, when AC Milan, Juventus and other teams had not yet been established, the Italian Football Association could not talk about it. From this point of view, the city of Genoa could be used as a pioneer of Italian football. This is not too much. Genoa also has a famous football club. In recent decades, it has created a more brilliant record than Reinaa, that is, Sampdoria. If you visit Genoa's football, it is disappeared to Sampdoria. It is as if you study the history of Argentina's football but do not know who Maradona is stupid and ignorant.
    On August 12, 1946, the two local football clubs of Genoa Sampadrenese () and Andrea Doria merged the establishment of the Sampdorian Football Club (U.C Sampdoria) Samplescenes had previously participated in the Serie A league three times. Andrah Doria only won the runner -up at the National Championships held by the Italian Gymnastics Association. It was held in Florence on June 3, 1904. The Andre Doria team lost to the time at the time. The less mature A.C. Milan team. (For details, please refer to the A.C. Milan Team Publication 2004.7 Page 84)

    The team after the establishment of the team was set up at the Luigi Ferraris-a one of 1928 completed in 1928 The professional football field, at the beginning, the stadium could accommodate 75,000 people. Later, considering the actual needs of the local area and the renovation of the 1990 World Cup in Italy, 40122 people can now be accommodated.
    "Sampdoria", as the name suggests, is the sum of the names of the two clubs. It does not have a special meaning. Of course, the word "Sampdoria" now represents honor and happiness in the hearts of the people.


    In September 1946, the new Sampdorian team ushered in its first Serie A game-away against the Roman team, away Although the team lost 1: 3. But for this new team, it is historic, and Andria is fortunate to score the first Serie A goal in Sandolia's history. After that, everything in the team began to move to the right track, and the team achieved fifth place in the 1948-1949 season. He played for the first time in the Italian national team on behalf of Italy for the first time in the friendly match of Portugal. This is also the first appearance of Sampdorian players on the international stage. In the 1960s, Sampdoria completed their first appearance on the European stage. They participated in the European Union Cup in the 1962-1963 season. On September 26, 1962, Aris of Luxembourg defeated Luxembourg 1: 0; Segio Breyneti scored the only goal in the audience. But in the next game, Sampdoria ushered in a tragic defeat in the face of the Ferren Voros from Hungary -------- 6 to this day. The most disparity record.

    In fact, in the 30 years after the establishment of Sandolia, although the team has always been a Grade League, it has not achieved any particularly commendable results. It was hovering in the middle of the league, and under the leadership of the star Barcelona and Breynetti, I also achieved the fourth good results of the league and participated in the League Cup for the first time. But there are also such a fierce relegation experience in the 65-66 and 74-75 seasons. But the team does not seem to care about the ranking of the league, but is proud of the Genoa team that can overwhelm the city. In general, it gives people a sense of leisurely and unsatisfactory.
    Finally, the team paid the price for their unwillingness. In 1977, due to the poor record, the team was unfortunately dropped into the B -League. It is unpleasant, two major events in Italian football, the Vicenza team and Lazio team were reduced to the level B due to a counterfeit ball. Milan) was also ordered to be downgraded for suspected control of sports lottery. Among them, a forward of the Vianqin team was also forbidden for two years. He was Paul Rossi, the biggest contributor to the World Cup champion in 1982 in 1982.

    This time to 1982, this year is a historic year for the Sampdorian club. After 4 years in the team B league, the team finally killed the sunny Grade A league again. In the same year, the Italian national team won the third World Cup champion under the leadership of Belidt, Zoff, and Rossi, who won the qualifications. It can be seen that Sampdoria always seems to be closely related to the fate of Italian football.
    . It is yet to be released

    If in the 1980s, Italian football was a period of world -class stars gathered. , Falcao, Socrates, Lawderup, Passarella, even small clubs such as Verona and Udnes signed Elkayer and Jiko, Naples in the south It was also invited to the famous Maradona. However, after Paul Manditani took office, he did not invest in the short -term effect like other bosses. In Puduolia, regardless of its reputation and strength, it is impossible to attract international superstars in the true sense. Moreover, a team wants to be unbeaten for a long time. It is not enough to buy a few stars alone. It is the most important thing to have a good youth club training system. Therefore, Old Manitavani hired a coach known as a silver fox in Italy in Italy, Lippi (Lippi). Lippi was just as a player at the time. The Asian team retired, and the old Mansyini chosen Lippi discovered and cultivated the special talents of young players. After that, Ganz and Chiesa, and Juventus, the team of young players emerged from the team youth teams, "Golden Boy" Del Piero is his "masterpiece". Now, Lippi has become a famous famous coach in Italy and even the world. Sampdoria is his starting place. Here he gets his initial experience, which has a lot to do with his future success.
    It the team also invited the experienced, the title of "Novisard Witcher", who has the title of "Novisard Witcher," the coach Vujadin Boskov. Asian player. From 1971-1973, Boskov had coached the Yugoslav national team. Later, he achieved great success in Feryor and Real Madrid. Boskov was not only a couple of the stadium, but also a "Bole" who was good at discovering and cultivating young players. Later "Golden Sangpu" was Bos Cave was cultivated. Even "Roman Prince" Totti first discovered him when Boskov taught the Roman team.

    In addition to hiring high -level coaches for the team's echelons, Old Man Tavani also introduced a number of powerful players for the team
    Thentes of them. The principle of spending small money and doing major events, most of the players introduced at the time were not famous at the time, but very young and promising. Among them, the 18 -year -old striker Mancini and goalkeeper Pagliuca were introduced from Bologna. VIALI) and Lombardo, the introduction of the defender Mannini from the IMOLESE, the introduction from the COMO (Como) introduced the Invenizi, Udinese (Udinese) ) Come to Branca, Torino, who came to the 82 -year champion team member Dosenna, used Renica to get Naples's FUSI, from the time at the time Still Parma -level Parma (Parma) transferred to Pari and SALSANO, from Roma, introduced the first revealed defender Verjoward (). In addition, his youth team also emerged The players like Lanna, Ganz, and Ganz, and these players later became the souls of the famous stars and teams after many years of refining in Sampdoria. In terms of foreign aid, the team has also introduced the principles of not fame and reputation. (Victor) and Mihapeliko () from Ukraine (), plus the original Paganin, Bordon, Perlani (), Carboni, Carboni, A group of veterans, including Bonetti, have become the core and frameworks of Santopolia in the late 1980s to the mid -1990s, and some even play a role in the mid -to -late 1990s.

    The golden age

    Paul Manitvani's reforms on Sampdoria and the rational investment of the team finally rewarded in the late 1980s. The team's full effort to chase the league championship is that Sampdoria's starting point starts from the cup. In the 1984/85 season, in the Italian Cup finals, Sampdoria defeated the AC Milan team to win the team history in the history of the team with Manchini and VIALLI. ---- The champion of the Italian Football Association Cup! In the 1987/88 season, in the FA Cup finals, Sampdoria eliminated the old Jinjiro Turin (Torino) for the second time in two rounds. Goals: P), the 1988/89 season as the defending champion of the event, Sampdoria, reached the final again. (Napoli), although the team lost 0: 1 in the first round, in the second round of Cremona, Sampdoria swept the opponent 4: 0 and won the game! In just 5 years, he broke into the finals 4 times (the 85-86 season also reached the final, but lost to Rome) three times to win the team to get the reputation of the king of the Football Association Cup! In the league, the team's performance is also rising step by step. After the adaptation and running in the 82-83, 83-84 season, Sampdoria's league results began to improve, and from a midstream team to a strong team, the 1984/85 season team won The fourth achievement of the league, the 86/87 season is the 5th place, the 87/88 season continues to rank the league 4, the 88-89 season team created the unbeaten home league at home, and that season team also tried on the European stadium in the European field. Won the winner of the winner Cup. In the following year, in 1990, with its excellent performance, the team eliminated strong teams such as Dortmund and Monaco, and defeated Belgium's Andrecht team in the finals held in Gothenburg, Sweden. The team's first European event champion since the team-European winner cup!

    Entering the 1990s, the team's record reached its peak. In the 1990-1991 season, the team played Gaoge all the way in the league, overwhelming competitors International Milan and the upper world champion Naples, and won in one fell swoop. Won the first Serie A championship trophy in the team history! Among them, Viali also won the best shooter with 19 cases, and Mancini also won Mr. Italian football that year! Sampdoria is undoubtedly the biggest winner of that year! In the same year, the team defeated the Roman team (ROMA) to win the Super Cup! The championship of Sampdoria broke the situation of Juventus, AC Milan, and Napoli, injecting fresh blood into the Italian League, letting Italian fans see new hope!

    The 90-91 season Sampdoria has shown an aggressive momentum from the beginning. At the beginning of the league, the team achieved nine undefeated results, including 4: 1 at home, winning the Atlanta, 4: 2 victory in Pizza, and two goals of each of Manchini and Wiyali, 4: 1 Champion over the upper Series Serie A champion Naples. After 9 rounds, Sampdoria became the team with the largest number of Serie A goals. The team even defeated the European champion AC Milan team. A series of victories almost surprised everyone. Performance. And other Serie A giants also felt unprecedented pressure. Perhaps it was the unusual smoothness after the league, which caused some changes in the mentality of the sailors. After 3: 1 Licker, Milan, the team appeared on the road of winning the championship. They lost 1: 2 at home to the Turin team who had just returned to Serie A. Later, the away game was 0: 1 lost to Laiccum. However, Sampdoria, who has experienced 3 cups and a winning winner cup, showed their mature side at this moment, and the team quickly adjusted her mentality. Starting from the 18th round of victory over Chesener, the team has achieved five consecutive victories. Among them, the defeat and winning opponent Juventus and Parma have made the team not only narrow the points gap between the points in the top of Inter Milan, which is temporarily ranked temporarily. And also give yourself a huge psychological advantage in the competition of the same opponent. After that, the team scored one goal at home at home. In the same season, the strong AC Milan team defeated the AC Milan team. When the team defeated Maradona, a team led by Maradona 4: 1. The sailors of Lanse have almost changed. Juventus and Parma were thrown away from the back, which also caused the two teams to withdraw from the championship in advance. After 2: 0 Licke's final champion competitors, Inter Milan team. Sampdoria is already in an absolute advantage in the league standings. The league championship is also one step away. On May 19, 1991, in the 33rd round of Serie A, Sampdoria played against the Ledar's game at home, and will always be remembered by fans who love Sampdoria. The three beautiful goals of Mannini and Viary defeated Ledar, who scored a clean goal. After waiting for nearly half a century, they finally had the original Serie A champion dream. Fill the name of Sampdoria on the championship list! The whole Greasia city is cheering for the final victory of the blue sailors! That day became the festival of the people of Genoa! In the last round, Sampdoria contributed a wonderful game with Rachio. 3: 3 scores make all fans satisfied. The team also ended his brilliant season with a goal. This season, the team not only won the league champion, but also won a series of amazing records: winning the victory in the 4 Milan teams in the four Milan teams, defeating the defending champion Naples and Serie A with a total score of 8: 2. The team with the most goals. In Derby, 1: 2 lost to the same city's opponent Reina to become the only flaw in that perfect season. But compared with the previous series of records, this seems so insignificant.

    is not difficult to imagine. When a person or a team is gradually going to the peak, in addition to winning applause and praise, there are also speculation and doubts. Sampdoria is no exception. There is also another sound for Sampdoria's championship. Some people think that Santaporia's championship has a certain accident. At that time, the core and spiritual leader of the Naples team, "Ball Kings" Maradona, due to the transfer storm and stimulants, the entire team was involved in the entire team was involved Go in, the state is low, and Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter Milan are three teams. Because they are not convinced and do not buy each other, they always have too much energy. The battle for the European Champions Cup made them unable to devote themselves to the league. What's more, the International Milan and Sampdoria have been reported to prevent the AC Milan in the same city from winning the championship. See Maldini's autobiography)
    , in fact, these rumors are incorrect. Sampslia's championship is completely the result of his own efforts. As a young team of Serie A, Sampdoria cannot rely on the wealth of the background boss like Juventus and Inter Milan, and easily buy the players they want. The training camp is trained, and the introduced players are not famous before they come. After many years of refining and rolling in the team. That's why this champion is more cherished. Among them, the front lines of Viary and Manchini were called "terrible twins" at the time. The long -distance long shot and the stable performance of the rear defense line Verjoward have been talked about by fans until now. At that time, the team's play was beautiful, full of passion, high technical content, very ornamental, and many times were still classic! The players played together for a long time, understand each other, cooperate with each other, and the players are very united and trusting each other. They also absolutely obey the coaches. When the Italian media commented on the Sampdorian team at that time, it met it metaphorically. A cup of cocktails made of stars and happiness, and more fans said that Sampdoria was "Golden Sangpu" at that time.

    The scenery of the Serie A league has not allowed the Great Santaporia team to satisfy. In the second year of the European Champions Cup, Sampdoria team in the head coach Bolkov, and the front line Under the leadership of Gemini Star Mansici and Viary, after eliminating strong teams such as Andrecht, Panasinsonkos, and the upper champion Yugoslav Belgrade, they rushed out of the finals and reached the finals. The famous Wembley Stadium, Sampdoria and Spain's Bacerlona team, were a fierce almost suffocating game. Although Sampdoria has an advantage in the game. However, the two teams became 0: 0 in the ninety -minute civil game. In the overtime, the Barcelona team scored a goal by Dutch star Koman, making Sampdoria hate.
    Although he ranked runner -up at the championship cup, after returning to Genoa, the team was welcomed by fans. Because fans know how hard it is for the team to achieve today.


    The players with excellent records, beautiful play and personality, the popularity of Sampdoria, in Italy and even Europe At that time, the most popular team later said in what the coach Boskov later said: "Sampslia has established unlimited prestige in Europe. When my Samps swims in Europe, the stadium is full when the stadium is full" Essence Even its charm affects Asia. Gullit (Gullit), Platt, Jugovic, Maspero, Mihaylovic (), SEEDORF, Veron (Veron) International stars and other international stars such as Ortega have also come here, and the famous star Klinsmann also chose to end his football career here. In addition, the team visited China twice in 1994 and 1995, and also set off a "Sampdoria fever" in China. Here, the little fans at the time were proud of being able to have a Sampdoria jersey. The children on the street could see children wearing Sampdoria jerseys and playbacks. It can be seen how important it was in the minds of fans at that time.
    This Sampdorian after glory has experienced a fluctuation of personnel in the 92-93 season, and Boskov switched to coaching Rome. The team has newly came to the Swedish coach Erikson, which has coached in Porto and Florence, although the team uses Jugovic, Serna, Betarelli, and England star Germany Stewal came to add strength, but the team sold the player "One of the Fighting Twin Stars" VIALLI, which was unbelievable. This is the biggest personnel change in the team in recent years. Influence, Betarelli and Manchini's front line combinations are obviously not as successful as the combination of Mancini and Viary. More often, the team relied on the captain Mancini's personal ability to break the goal. The team only achieved the seventh place in the league. The only thing that excited this season was Mancini's goal reaching the individual season in a single season. At the peak of the goal, he became the team's best shooter with 15 goals. In addition, in the Genoadby War in the season, Sampdoria defeated the Rein Nia team 4: 1 at home, which made Sampdoria's supporters raised his eyebrows. Everything is far from over.

    , however, there is an unexpected situation. On October 14, 1993, Mr. Paolo.Mantovani, the chairman of the club and the founder of Sampadelia, died of unfortunately due to a car accident. His son Enrico.Mantovani ) The replacement of his father as the chairman of the club is the high -level personnel changes in the club, which made Sampdoria embarked on another path.

    93-94 is considered to be the most powerful team in the history of Sampdoria. This season, the team invited Gulit, one of the famous Dutch Dutch Three Swordsmen. In addition, the team also emerged from Beluch and Amuro Suo. Bouso and Korini also matured every day. The joint efforts of Prate, Egvich, Evani, and the veterans of Manchini, Ronbado, Manni, Verjoward and others in the team, the team has achieved the last championship title so far -------- The Italian Football Association Cup champion. And that final is also regarded as an eternal classic by fans: in the finals, Sampdoria defeated the poor Akner team at 6: 1, and such a disparate score in the history of the Italian Cup finals is unique! (The biggest disparity score in the previous single game was Naples 4-0 Veroa in 1975-76 and Sampadelia, 1988-1989 4-0)

    After the creation, Eriksson's reform of the team's tactics has finally achieved initial results. The first round of the league team encountered the Naples team in the former Sanpudo youth team coach LIPPI, then Naples at that time Without Maradona, and his hearts were scattered and his financial resources were exhausted, Sampdoria easily defeated the opponent at the fierce Saint Paul Stadium 2: 1. After that, the results of the team league began to rise step by step, and soon returned to the ranks of the popular team in the championship. The offensive combinations of Gulit, Manchini and Ronado launched by Eriksson showed that Power and passion. In the words of AC Milan President Beluskini, "Milan in that season is not defeated, but we are only afraid of a team-Sampdoria led by Gulit." This season, the team presented many classic events for the fans. 3: 2 reversed the defeat of A.C. Milan at home. This game has been talked about by many fans until now. That has also become one of Sampdoria's most classic competition in the past ten years. In addition, the league 6: 2 defeat Udiez and 6: 1 to defeat Fujia. Sampdoria once again became the most offensive and ornamental team of Serie A, and a series of victories also made the team almost once again dyed the league champion. Although the team finally ranked third, fans believed that in Ferra Under the leadership of Reese's new owner Gulit and Captain Manchini, the team will soon bring the league championship trophy to Genoa and their happy "Holy Land" Ferraris Stadium. However, when all fans experience it When the team brought them happiness, the crisis was step by step towards Sampdoria, who had just experienced glory.

    The early 94-95 season, the team sold the goalkeeper, and it was also the 1994 World Cup Italian national team's selection goalkeeper Pagliuca. Fans' dissatisfaction. However, this is just the beginning. This season, the team does not seem to find the passion of the past season. Although the team once occupied the standings at the beginning of the season, the results of the game have deteriorated in the future, especially the end of the league. The finals of the finals defeated Arsenal, the Serie A league ranked 8th, and some problems in the team also had some problems. The team's backline repeatedly made a lot of mistakes that made frontcourt players such as Gulit and Prate who had to return to the backcourt assistance. For defense, Zeng Jia, who was exchanged for the league at the beginning of the league, was also confirmed to be a defeat. The team members also misunderstood because of tactical issues. The defender of Sampdoria even threatened to cut off in the interview: to cut off Gulitt’s Little braids, although this is just a joke, can reflect the player's mentality from the side. The player seems to be tired of the current situation of the team. When I remember the second visit to China in 1995 in Santopolia, Zhang Huide, a consultant of Serie A, sighed: This is the last time Sampdoria played in such a lineup. Essence The team will not have such a good lineup. At that time, many fans had doubts about this. However, after the 95-96 season, this sentence was fully fulfilled.
    The fans were surprised to find that the names of the star names familiar to the brilliant team disappeared from the team's lineup. All fans can't believe that the team in front of them will be Sampdoria they are familiar with. Fans can only watch their familiar and favorite stars in other teams, remember that Sampdoria faces Juventus at home. During the team, Sampdoria's fans played banners: Rondado, Viali, you are our star! That scene made people look at the soreness that could not be said in their hearts. No one knew whether these stars took the initiative to leave or were driven away by Little Manitovani. After those players have left, they still have no forgetful to Sampdoria, and each fan may get their own answers. The following is the list of important players who sold important players in Sampadelia in 1993-95 after taking office in 1993-95:
    n players go to
    Pagliuca (Pagliuca) Inter Milan
    Telenea ()
    Lanna (Roma)
    Vilchwood () Juventus N Arsenal
    Lombardo (Juventus)
    Gullit Chelsea
    Maspero Cremona (CREMONESE)
    Meli (Melli) A.C. Milan (ACMILAN)
    Rossi unknown n Corini) Napoli
    Zanini (Zanini) Mantova
    Katanec retired
    n amoruso (AMORUSO) Padova

    This fluttering r
    The 95-96 season after sending away a large number of members of the champion team, for Sampdori Yalai is bland. Fans can only make a very similar braid from Calerto from Calert, as well as the beautiful orchid team uniforms, and faintly see the shadow of the year. Although the team introduced stars, Carenbu, Manniero, and other stars, the team's overall injuries because of the departure of soul players. The team left only the residual support of champion lineups such as Manni, Salsano, and Viniji. The old captain Mancini also contradicts the club chairman of the club's chairman of Mansyti, and the emotional fluctuations caused a poor state. That season was also the team that the team had not been in Europe for 10 years without European events.
    The only the only commendable this season is that two new Italian newcomers emerged. One of them was Chiesa. In fact, Kierza has entered a team as early as the 87-88 season. And played for the first time in the 88-89 season. However, because Sampdoria's front line has long been occupied by Mancini and Viali, there has been no chance to go. The long -term lease of the Kremona team made this striker's psychological and technical income, and the strength of the outer accumulation has finally broke out in this season. At the core role of a shooter and team.
    . The other person is Pagotto, a young goalkeeper, and the team of the 95-96 season has abandoned the old goalkeeper Zenga last season. Pagto. Although the team's post -defense performance was average and repeated mistakes at that time. But Paglo's performance is commendable. Later, A.C Milan's phase was a good proof. But Paglo's later career was very miserable. (When playing for Peruja. Originally, he was only a substitute for one of the few starts, and he was found to take the prohibited drugs. Triestina has played. Now, he cares for the Arezzo team of Yi to continue his career.

    The time entered the 96-97 season. It is called "the last great Sanpu" by fans, although the team sold Sidov, Kierza, Betarley ()
    n :21号安东尼奥利/14号卡斯特里尼、26号皮萨诺、32号帕万、77号泽诺尼/4号沃尔皮、8号达拉博纳、11号扎乌利、 No. 22 Tonoto, No. 34 Diana/18 Bonazoi

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