3 thoughts on “[Song Ci] "Tongxin Raka Light Tibetan, a semi -shadow gold". Appreciation.”

  1. The vegetarian is 素, here is a love letter. Tongxin should refer to the appearance of stacking Ropa or forming a concentric victory, because "light Tibetan" undoubtedly refers to a letter hidden in Rapa. In ancient poetry, there is often this usage. "Luo Bai has not achieved the knot", and some ancient novels often wrote that the book fabricated was folded as a concentric victory. (When we were young, we wrote a letter and learned that people folded the letter paper into Fang Sheng. Later, I learned that it was the folding method of the love letter, sweat ~) n may refer to gold jewelry, embroidered with a faint fragrance of the lines, and the faintly exposed gold in the fragrant sacrifice of the faintly exposed gold was exposed. The decoration, the decoration is a must -have for ancient love, such as 簪, 钗, and other things that are inserted and wearing fixed buns, which means that it is settled and fixed; The synthetic sachets are generally understood as embroidered and conjunctive, or the conjunction of the sachets. But your understanding is also very unique, is it affected by the ancient tiger symbols? I look at the meaning of the word. These two people seem to be secretly determined, especially in the end, describing the girl who desires love and is afraid of being discovered and frightened. It seems that they are too dangerous to wear such a daring half -character sachet, haha, haha

  2. Essence In the embroidered Ropa, the letter of the admirer hidden, and the sachet embroidered with the box of the box exposed the jewelry. The night is deep, and the girl is difficult to fall asleep by the window, and who can restrain the teenager's heart.

  3. I understand that "vegetarian" and "gold" describes the colors of "Ropa" and "sachets", respectively.
    This, all the combat and rhythm, but seem to have no deep meaning, in the whole poem to set the atmosphere.
    of course, if you understand the "vegetarian" as the purity of the master, the "gold" is understood as the background of the businessmen of the future marriage.
    The "heart movement" description of the last two sentences.
    "Who can restrain the hearts of the young", the same age.

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