5 Replies to “What are the characteristics of women's jewelry in the Ming Dynasty and what are the hair styles?”

  1. The women's jewelry of the Ming Dynasty is more refined than the jewelry of other dynasties, and the style of the Song Dynasty was used at the time, but it also had its own characteristics. There will be many pendants, and there are things such as buns.

    The Ming Dynasty women at that time, their hairstyles would be combed into flat -rounded peach hearts, and the girls' rings will be combed into double snails, but women in Jiangnan I also like this type of hairstyle, so the place you see more about this hairstyle is in the folk peony head, which was originally popular in the south, and then gradually passed to the north. Many, but she was more changed on the basis of the Song Dynasty.
    although more use of the Song Dynasty's buns, but deformation of the buns at that time, there are many different types of buns in the Ming Dynasty, like picking hair buns, peaches, top buns. These things have evolved on the basis of the Song Dynasty's buns.
    It's performance of gold and silver jewelry in the Ming Dynasty, it is more rich than the golden jewelry of the Song Dynasty, like drawing, fried beads, hollow, welding, etc. The above is largely used. And these jewelry's themes are very rich. In terms of the original animals and plants, the themes of Buddhism and Taoism are also added. These are all used by the Ming Dynasty jewelry.

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