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  1. The decorations of the Christmas tree include the star of Bethlehem, bells, silver / white ribbons, walking sticks and so on

    1. The star of Bethlehem

    the star at the top of the Christmas tree is called "the star of Bethlehem". It is the most characteristic symbol of the Christmas tree decoration, symbolizing the supernova in the time and space of Jesus' birth. It reveals the position of Jesus' birth, symbolizes the salvation of Jesus, the glory of Christ, and the eternal hope of mankind. The gift placed under the Christmas tree originates from the legend that the three doctors presented gifts to the baby Jesus, which symbolizes that people should present the most precious things in life to Christ

    2. Bell

    the common bell on the Christmas tree is the bell in the hands of the shepherd. When the shepherd shakes it, the lost sheep can find the sound and return to the shepherd. It means that the lost people find the good shepherd, God. The bell has the meaning of notifying the birth of Christianity (the arrival of the Savior) and driving away evil spirits

    3. Walking stick

    the prototype of walking stick is the walking stick of a shepherd in the wilderness. The shepherd uses it to pull up the lamb that has fallen into the trap. The inverted walking stick is similar to the initial letter J of Jesus, so it also implies Jesus

  2. Westerners take red, green and white as Christmas colors. When Christmas comes, every household should use Christmas colors to decorate. The red ones have Christmas flowers and Christmas candles. The green is the Christmas tree. It is the main decoration of Christmas. It is decorated with evergreen trees such as cedar and cypress that are cut down. There are colorful lanterns, gifts and paper flowers hanging on it, and Christmas candles are lit
    the top of our Christmas tree is a star, and the bottom is surrounded by colorful lights. The tree is also hung with snowflakes, little snowmen, Santa Claus, bright balls and gift boxes. They are all shiny and beautiful. The present is under the tree.

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