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  1. Good diamond ring brands include Cartier, Chow Tai Fook, Tiffany and Levis

    recommendations are as follows:

    1. Cartier

    with the popularity of the kingdom of jewelry, Cartier has become the Royal jeweler of European countries and is known as "the emperor of jewelers and the jeweler of Emperors". The British royal family ordered 27 crowns from Cartier for coronation. In addition, the royal families of Spain, Portugal, Romania, Egypt, France, the prince of Orleans, the prince of Morocco and Albania also appointed Cartier as a royal jeweler



  2. Luxury brand recommendation:

    1. Cartier

    since its establishment, every diamond ring of Cartier has been regarded as a peerless treasure. Celebrities love this brand. However, its price is also very expensive, and it is not a product that ordinary people can consume

    2. Tiffany

    although Tiffany's beginning was very low, it was a toy manufacturer at the beginning, and later it developed into the largest jeweler in the world. It can be seen that Tiffany's strength can not be underestimated. As for the price, ordinary people can only look at the price of Tiffany

    3. Van Cleef

  3. Diamond ring brands include: Zhou Dasheng, Xie Ruilin, Dai mengde and Lao Fengxiang. I recommend the brand of Chow Tai Sheng

    Zhou Dasheng: it was founded in 1999 and is now the leading jewelry brand in China. Zhou Dasheng has always been the main station in R

  4. I think the brand of Dr diamond ring is better. There is a selling point of this brand of diamond ring. It can only be bought by boys, and you need to get an ID card. A boy can only buy one diamond ring in his lifetime. In addition, I also recommend Cartier, Tiffany, Zhou Shengsheng, Xie Ruilin and van Cleef Arpels.

  5. There are many brands of diamond rings. If only which brand is better, I recommend Cartier. This brand is very affordable both in terms of quality and price. Of course, Tiffany, Kimberly and Lao Fengxiang are all very good.

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