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  1. Eternal flowers are also called "flowers that never wither". They are fresh cut flowers using roses, carnations, Phalaenopsis, hydrangea and other categories. They are processed by dehydration, decolorization, drying, dyeing, etc. Huayi.com orders flowers, Huayi.com has a complete variety of flowers, and it is also equipped with exquisite greeting cards.

    The eternal flowers, whether it is color, shape, and feel is almost the same as flowers. It maintains the characteristics of the flowers, and the color is richer, the use is higher, and the preservation time is at least 3 years. The most ideal flower deep processing products of home decoration and celebration activities. Eternal Flower Products has been sought after by the white -collar workers and upper -class consumers in Western countries since the appearance of Germany in the last century. Although Eternal Flower is currently one of the best -selling flower products in the world, due to technical conditions, most of the production of eternal flowers in China belongs to the "small workshop" production. Essence Hua Li.com is mainly engaged in flowers, eternal flowers, cakes, chocolate, creativity and practical gifts. And with a team of gold medal flower artist team, Hua Xin continued to create original flowers and eternal flowers with design sense, select high -quality cake and gift brand service providers to provide consumers with good quality, good prices, good services to consumers with a rigorous attitude A caring experience.

    wants to learn more about the relevant information about eternal flowers, and recommend consulting Huayi.com. Flower Royal.com has a gold medal flower artist team, the leading domestic original flower art, the China Floral Expo Championship Flower Artist team, adheres to the original design, and has sold flower models so far. At the same time, the store covers 2000 cities across the country and is freshly produced by local stores. The special car is delivered to the door for 1-3 hours. You can choose the specified date and deliver it during the designated period; get recognized by consumers, and the reputation is trustworthy.

  2. Eternal flowers are also called white flowers. It is a dry flower made of flowers and fresh plant branches and leaves, and uses high -tech means to process through a series of complex processes such as dehydration, discoloration, drying, and dyeing. Eternal flowers can maintain the natural color, texture and flexibility of flowers and plant branches and leaves for a long time. Its feel is almost the same as flowers, not only maintains the characteristics of flowers, but also richer in color, wider use, and long -standing time. Generally, it can be maintained for many years without deformation and not fading.

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