1 thought on “Where did the brain burning master diamond?”

  1. Task Raiders:
    1, first open "Master Burn", click Block 22;
    2, find the bookcase in the game interface, click the cabinet on the right side of the desk to open the bookcase.
    3. After opening the bookcase, find canned dogs hidden under the bookcase, and hold the dog canned food and drag to the puppy.
    4. Note that after dragging the puppy's mouth, help the puppy to open the can and click the can to open the can.
    5, the puppy eats the cans after the canned food is opened, and it will automatically pull the bowel movement after eating; after the puppy finishes the stool, find the yellow bucket, hold the yellow bucket and drag it to the stool to rush to the dog's dog's Stool.
    6. After rushing to the stool with water, you can find a diamond ring hidden in the stool and click the diamond ring to complete the level task.

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