Jadeite refers to jadeite as the main component, a large number of fine mineral crystal particles composed of the crystalline aggregate. "Planting water" is an important concept commonly used to judge the quality of jadeite. At present, the mainstream view that there are about three kinds of water definition: one is "kind" with "water" is synonymous, that is, high kind of water jadeite refers to the transparency of jadeite, transparency of jadeite mostly fine germplasm, in the definition of species and water has the same meaning. Second, the "kind" points to the structure of the structure, the particles are fine and uniform, the structure of the dense jadeite is called the kind of old, the coarse particles, loose structure of the jadeite is called the "kind of tender".

The third is to jade texture and transparency combined, a comprehensive judgment, that is, jade internal crystal particle size and jadeite length of the head, the common comparison of the jadeite belongs to what kind of conclusion 39bet-kết quả bóng đá-kết quả xổ số miền bắc-kèo bóng đá -soi cầu bóng đá-đặt cược. The fourth is on the basis of texture and transparency, combined with commercial color to draw the conclusion of species, such as hibiscus species, gold silk species, pink lotus species and so on have color description.

​The visible "kind of water" concept, in the eyes of experts and Baojadeite researchers, is a kind of unclear existence. If it is just contact jade entry-level Cui friends, a moment and a half to make clear jade "kind of water", it is easy to buy expensive.

2fa4915c0435eda6d30b180afdb34f94Novice small white to buy jade, where is the most easy "pit"? They can be summarized as four common problems.

First of all, think jade is beautiful is "kind of water is good". In the specific light source, jadeite germplasm and color will appear very beautiful, so experts often say "don't see jade under the lamp", is to exclude the influence of light on jadeite water, and finally observe jadeite germplasm and transparency in natural light, to better judge the kind of water.

Secondly, the thin body of jadeite through, that is "kind of water." ​The Jadeite industry has been "adjustable" and "water" craft, "adjustable" is the kind of line dug long, appears to be good, "water" is the jade radian place dig thin, let the light more easily through jadeite appears to be long water.

Third, the kind of water said a higher grade, so that small white thought to pick up the leak. For example, the ice waxy kind said is ice kind, the waxy kind said is ice waxy kind, because the new Cuiyou contact less goods, there is still a lack of a clear understanding of the kind of water system, easy to be misled.

Fourth, with the color of the species description, to weaken the jade texture and transparency of the judgment. For example, hibiscus species, both ice species hibiscus jadeite, ice waxy hibiscus jadeite, the value of both has a big difference.

Therefore, it is necessary to clearly define the definition of planting water.

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