What is the principle of the scissor lifting platform? Where can it be used?

There are numerous kinds of lifting platforms, among which scissor type and single person lift are also commonly used. Mainly adopt the shear body as the lifting mechanism to realize the lifting operation under the dynamic action. Many friends do not know much about the scissor lifting platform, the following is a brief introduction:

The scissor-type fuselage of the scissor-type lift is made of manganese steel rectangular pipe. The two ends of the lower arm are mechanically connected with the two ends of the chassis surface, and a hydraulic mechanism is arranged in the middle of the chassis, and the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is connected with the support rail. When working, the expansion of the oil cylinder to promote the expansion of the scissors, through the expansion of the scissors support frame to complete the lifting of the cargo platform.

0ab131de8cf5a64369da1a7359efa605The scissor lifting platform moves smoothly when rising and falling. Even if the pipe is broken, it will only come down slowly, wasting some hydraulic fluid. Therefore, the scissor lift is extremely popular as a safe lift.

As a kind of special equipment for vertical lifting and aerial work, scissor-type lifting platform is widely used in equipment maintenance, indoor and outdoor mechanical installation, equipment maintenance and building maintenance in stations, docks, bridges, halls, workshops and other areas. There are three kinds of it, and different kinds have different uses:

The scissor-type mechanical structure of the mobile lifting platform makes the lifting platform have high stability, wide working platform and high bearing capacity, so that the working range at elevated altitude is larger, suitable for numerous people to use at the same time. Make extreme altitude work more efficient and safer.

Fixed lifting platform, excellent lifting stability, wide application range. It is mainly used for goods transport between the height difference of production line, material on and off line, workpiece height adjustment during workpiece assembly, high feeder feeding, and goods transport between large machine tools.

Traction lifting platform adopts three-phase power supply or diesel engine power supply. It is mainly used in oil, electric power, urban construction, post and telecommunications and other industries requiring long-distance work.

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