5 thoughts on “Does anyone know where is Xiamen's small accessories wholesale market? urgent! Intersection Intersection”

  1. Xiamen's accessories wholesale is basically concentrated on Jiangtou Paris Pedestrian Street, which is closer to Jiangtou Park and SM City Plaza. There are wholesale small jewelry, clothing shoes and bags, toys. Take a bus at the bus (Luyu North Station). There are many cars passing. Xiamen also has a small cashi commodity market, wholesale shoes, bedding, clothes, toys, etc. The location is relatively biased, near the betel nut market (bus Fengyu Station). Just batch jewelry in Jiangtou.

  2. In the north of Luyu, there is a small Jiangtou small commodity wholesale market. There are many things inside and there are many varieties.
    The at the intersection of Fengyu, there are also near the Great Wall Hotel. It is a small commodity wholesale market in Taiwan.

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