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  1. Dream of diamonds dream of wearing diamonds, love will encounter trouble. Unmarried women dream that wearing diamonds, they will marry a happy and rich man. Dream of gems the gems in the dream symbolize power and desire. Gems are minerals that have been buried underground for hundreds or thousands of years. They represent the magic of nature and are also the lucky property given by nature. Most gems in dreams belong to fetal dreams. Dream of a colorless gem, suggesting that a boy will be born. Dream of colored gems, will give birth to girls. Dream of shining gems, suggesting that you will make a fortune. I hope there are many glittering gold and silver jewelry in your dream tonight. Dream of riding on a ship full of precious stones. If you are a lady, you will have a son. Otherwise, it is generally related to wealth. In the near future, you will be prosperous and make a lot of money. A man who dreams of gems is doomed. Women dream of gems, which are auspicious. Men dream of buying gems and their property will be robbed by bandits. It means that one's property is calculated by others and may be robbed. Men dream of losing gems, which means that the disaster will leave them and the worst will come. Women dream of gems, which are auspicious. It is a symbol of good luck and love. A woman dreams that she is wearing jewels and that her mother's family is going to hold a wedding. Thieves and robbers dream of gems and jewels and will be put in prison. Dream of gold leaf dream of gold leaf, it means that your pursuit in the position will be fulfilled and will get the support of many people, but there are also many people who want to flatter. Dream of Jasper, jade pendant dream of Jasper, is a symbol of happiness, will bring you success and love. Young people dream of wearing jade pendant, which indicates that the future will be more and more broad. A young woman dreams of losing Jasper, and her boyfriend's behavior will cause her dissatisfaction
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  2. Dream of diamonds, jade is a good omen. If you can cultivate morality, scholars can gain fame. The grandchildren are handsome and smart, and the children are dignified and noble. With company, there will be happy events from heaven.

  3. The diamond in the dream means honor and affection
    if you dream that you are wearing diamonds, love will encounter difficulties
    men dream of diamonds, which is a very good dream. This dream indicates that you will be honored and recognized by authoritative people
    women dream of diamonds, which is a sign of happiness. This dream indicates that your love life will be very happy and you will have a happy marriage
    unmarried women dream that wearing diamonds, they will marry a happy and rich man.

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