2 thoughts on “Is the gold of Chiba jewelry pure? How much can you buy it?”

  1. Chiba jewelry gold jewelry bar. Last year, I picked gold for my family's old people, and I visited many gold shops, including brands and private and self-employed businesses. Brands, of course, have guaranteed quality and good style, but most big brands will spread high advertising expenses on each piece of jewelry, which is not cost-effective for consumers. Go to the private self-employed gold shop to make it. The quality is not guaranteed and the style is not guaranteed. The price is low but you can't buy it with confidence. After a long time, I bought a gold bracelet in Chiba jewelry. There is nothing to say about good workmanship, and Chiba jewelry is a brand that does not advertise very much. The product prices of his family are all realistic, and there are not too many advertising fees. The brand fees need to be paid by consumers in disguise. After I bought it, the old man liked it very much. I later found out that his gold has a top-notch domestic technology called three-dimensional technology, which can produce effects that other brands of gold can't do

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