One Reply to “Just after the forefoot cancels the contract with Zhao Liying, the back foot is signed by the former agent. What is Jin Han now?”

  1. 19. It's really hard to say a word to the person who claims to love.
    Recently, Jin Han was photographed holding Zhang Zhixi, jumped out for dinner, and wore a couple to go to Zhang Zhixi to explore the class the next day.
    This is Zhen Mi in the military division alliance, and she also played Qing Yao's sister in Chenxi Garden.
    Wu Xiubo was exploded by Primary Three, but Zhang Zhixi later stood up and denied it.
    This is the love that was photographed. The two did not cover up and quickly admitted.
    but Jin Han's response is really inexplicable. Obviously it can be declared generous, but at this time, "there is no idol burden, nothing dare not admit."
    The words of love celebrities recently exposed and emotional connotation: Xia Beizi, Li Bipi, what do you do? A frank and open -man collection seems to have no memory on the Internet?
    Jin Han once signed Zhao Liying in the studio. Owner.
    The Zhao Liying and the agent Huang Bin terminated the relationship. Huang Bin took Jin Han to stand on his own, and now he and Wu Yifan are now with him.
    "You Are Me" were broadcast. Jin Han used half of its marketing, half of his sincerity, and for a while.
    During the broadcast of the TV series, Jin Han's popularity can even be comparable to Deng Lun's popularity during the "Sweet and Deep Ember Frost" period.
    In after that, our team became more seamless. From Qi Wei and Sun Yi to Chen Qiaoen and Peng Xiaoran, the female partners can get along well with the male No. 1.
    However, Jin Han did not seize the opportunity to join the mobile team, but pasted it lightly.
    After becoming popular, Jin Han created five times a year by the media, and five times were different record objects.
    A love number card, can't get out.
    of course, at that time he didn't even dare to let it go, but he was not as fresh now.
    I was taken as the heroine for the first time.
    Wu Yifan reconciled with Century Huang Zitao, and a smiley girl was smiled on the face of the aunt in the middle.
    Jin Han was photographed on the streets of Shanghai and Cao Xiyue late at night. The woman rectified Jin Han, and the two also returned to the hotel.
    This, Jin Hanfang responded that the two were just friends, and Jin Han was single.
    , the next day, his face was hit by the speed of light.
    The media also released a video of Jin Han's sweet hug and flirting with a woman on the streets of Beijing.
    is all sticky together, isn't it as if denying it?
    how to do, but Jin Han said he was recording a variety show, and I was not convenient to reply.
    only through the staff's clarification, the woman is not Cao Xiyue, but a friend who has known each other for many years.
    hugging, hugging, kissing or something is a joke between ordinary friends.
    Is even twice, Jin Han did not admit it.
    Is the media unwilling, but the three -click did not hit.
    This time, the heroine in the video is not Cao Xiyue, nor is it a fellow friend who hugs him on the street, but another strange face.
    The two people first took one by one on the street and did not know each other, but then took the car and returned to Jinhan's residence together.
    . Within a few months, Jinhan peach blossoms were photographed to eat with a girl in the restaurant.
    The cigarette in Jinhan's hand, smoking from time to time.
    . They held their waist, poked their belly, and pinched their faces, as if no one was watching them, and then lived in the hotel for three days and three nights.
    , however, this time, we still did not have good news to let Jin Han announce their relationship.
    continuously photographed, Jin Han did not learn lessons.
    At the end of last year, he was photographed holding a girl to climb the elevator. Then take the girl to the counter to buy the jewelry.
    This girl was later discovered as Jin Han's assistant.
    The Weibo account will publish the details of their relationship with Boss Jin. Fans will delete the name of Boss Jin after discovering it.
    The people walked through the airport more than once wearing clothes.
    The fans who endured for a long time after the shooting, the fans finally started to regress.
    The release of English letters ... Female is dazzling and dazzling.
    The fans seem to hide a lot of things for Jin Han, and use this to shake it clean.
    For example, the forefoot was taken with a solid mobile phone case by fans, and the rear foot dinner and actor Huang Yilin used the same couple mobile phone case.
    I will go to Disneyland with a girl later.
    . After a while, he went to Gubei Water Town with another girl.
    . A man accompanied four women to Japan.

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