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  1. Hello, 1. Bank
    physical gold is the main type of Bank gold investment, such as standard physical gold bars. The price of physical gold is linked to the quotation of Shanghai gold exchange, but the quotation is relatively high due to the costs of casting, transportation and storage of physical gold
    2. Gold shops
    are mainly used to purchase physical gold such as jewelry and gold bars, similar to ordinary commodity transactions. The well-known brands in China include Chow Tai Fook, Chow Luk Fook, Chow Tai Sheng, Chow Sheng Sheng, Lao Fengxiang and so on
    3. E-commerce platforms
    at present, gold can be purchased on tmall, jd.com and other e-commerce platforms, and its price is relatively low. However, it should be noted that since gold is a special commodity, it is not supported to return gold for seven days without reason when buying gold online. You should consider it carefully before placing an order
    expansion materials:
    what should be paid attention to when buying gold
    1. Choose a regular gold shop: when buying gold, you should choose a regular, large-scale and long-standing gold shop with guaranteed quality and more exquisite gold jewelry technology
    2. Pay attention to Festival promotion activities: before buying gold, you'd better hurry to see the festival. A few yuan per gram is more suitable. You can turn around at several large gold shops
    3. Look at the purity of gold: when buying gold, you should choose gold with high purity, such as thousands of gold. This kind of gold is very bright and pure, and it is more expensive to wear
    4. Ask for invoice: gold is very expensive. You must ask for a formal invoice when you buy it. Don't forget that some businesses don't give you invoices, and they don't take the initiative to give you invoices. Without invoices, your rights and interests cannot be guaranteed
    5. Do not overdraw to buy gold: it is not appropriate to buy gold according to your own economic strength. It is easy to bring disharmony to the family
    6. Save gold jewelry: when buying gold jewelry, be careful not to lose it. Avoid contact with chemical substances, such as paint, acid detergent, etc. keep well sealed and do not get wet
    warm tips: it is best for small partners to go to large-scale shopping malls or famous gold shops. The quality is basically guaranteed. The time is chosen for large-scale festivals or anniversaries. The price is relatively appropriate. This is the best time to buy gold jewelry
    there are two transaction methods for old for new:
    1. If there is no invoice for old for new, a depreciation expense of 7% will be charged, and then a processing fee of 10 yuan per gram will be charged. If there is an invoice, the processing fee will be charged separately. That is to say, take the 10g gold necklace just started at 362 yuan / g and replace it with other styles of the same weight. If there is no invoice, 7% depreciation fee 100 yuan processing fee will be charged; With invoice, only 100 yuan processing fee will be charged
    2. Buy back: the current buy back prices of thousands of full gold and full gold are 276 yuan / g and 273 yuan / g respectively, which is 89 yuan / g different from the original price. If the invoice is not available, the price is even lower, which is 261 yuan / g, which is about 100 Yuan different from the original price
    therefore, although the current price of gold is low, it is not necessary to make money from the start. It is also necessary to understand the market situation in advance and keep the invoice

  2. It is the cheapest way to buy gold in the bank, because there is no manual cost. It is purely calculated by gram and sold at the real-time gold price. So no middleman makes a difference

  3. The cheapest place to buy gold is on Taobao, because there are no physical stores and there are no salesmen, which saves a lot of costs. At present, gold can reach 375 yuan per gram, which is much cheaper than the store.

  4. buying gold is cheap don't think about it. First of all, you should be formal. If you want to invest, you should go to the bank to buy gold bars. You want to take good-looking gold to the regular gold shop or bank. Now there are many gold deposits, low price gold. It is recommended not to buy cheap , but the content is very low

  5. Now there is a standard gold price, which changes every day
    pay attention to buying gold in large shopping malls. It's best to buy gold in the form of Zhou Liufu and Zhou Dasheng
    if you try to buy cheaply in an unknown place, you may be adulterated. You get what you pay for
    this kind of valuables should be bought at a uniform price. Unless you and the owner of the gold shop are good friends and give you a discount.

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