3 thoughts on “Where is the place to recycle gold jewelry?”

  1. 1. Pawnbrokers and Internet platforms

    the gold repurchase channels mainly include pawnbrokers, gold stores, commercial banks and Internet online platforms, and the repurchase channels are constantly expanding

    2. The product service department of the gold jewelry counter in the large-scale comprehensive shopping mall

    due to the management regulations of the comprehensive shopping mall, it is relatively safe, safe and fair to cash the gold jewelry in such service department. Gold is basically recovered according to the international gold price and the price of gram

    3. The golden spots scattered in the streets and the vegetable markets

    hang the recycling signboards. The recycling method and pricing method are similar to those of the product service department in the large shopping malls. What needs to be specially reminded is that due to the lack of supervision units in these small stalls, beware of cheating by the stall owners, such as stealing gold and deducting weights. Such places are also places frequented by lawless elements for selling stolen goods

    4. Gold used material recycling companies

    there are several gold jewelry recycling companies near the gold jewelry wholesale market in large cities (mainly provincial capital cities with gold jewelry and jade wholesale capacity). The recovery method and pricing method are similar to the previous two. As it is a professional recovery company, the amount of recovery is relatively large, and many old gold materials in gold jewelry stores will be sold to such companies

    trading procedures

    the price of gold recovery is usually determined according to the gold content and recovery amount of the baby. A large amount of money is usually transferred through the bank, which is safe and real-time. Small and medium-sized loans are sometimes paid directly in cash

    when recovering gold, consumers usually need to provide bills. If it is a gold bar product, they also need to show the corresponding product certificate. During gold recovery, gold recovery companies with good reputation shall be selected as far as possible so as to realize real-time and safe realization

  2. There are many shops that recycle gold jewelry, large and small recycling companies, pawn shops, and gold jewelry processing shops can recycle gold jewelry. Although some brand gold stores do not have direct recycling service, they sometimes have the activity of exchanging the old for the new. However, there are some restrictions. For example, they can only exchange the old for the new with the same brand, which may not be very cost-effective in the overall calculation

    you can compare multiple stores and choose a formal and professional platform. Now the mainstream is large-scale recycling companies, with professional appraisers to evaluate, and the price given is more reasonable

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