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  1. 1. About the poems of ruby ​​
    The verses of ruby ​​1. The sentence describing the "ruby"
    The sentences described as "ruby" include:

    . These rubies are bright and wonderful, In this peculiar color, life contains life: their colors can speak that language is difficult to express.

    2. The dazzling color of Ruby represents vivid vitality.

    3. This ruby ​​is very special. There is a sharp corner in the center of its round body. Pick it up and turn it up like a kaleidoscope.

    4. This ruby ​​texture is pure and transparent like glass.

    5. That ruby ​​is enough to make the young people reverse it, so the young people come to this jewelry shop every day just to see it.

    6. You see, ruby ​​is gorgeous, seductive, and beautiful. Who does not want to own it?

    7. The ruby ​​on the table, the surface is a faint halo, like the bright stars left in the world.

    8. The Bible tells us that rubies symbolize the Jewish tribe. The fourth gem or garnet or ruby ​​on Aaronfa. Judah's name is engraved on this gem.

    9. There is a legend that people wearing rubies will live healthy and longevity, get rich, be smart and wise, and love happiness and happiness.

    10. Wearing a ruby ​​ring on the left hand or a ruby ​​chest ornament on the left will have a magical power of fierceness, turning the enemy as a friend. "Red Gry".

    11. The red of ruby ​​gives people a dazzling gorgeous sense, with mysterious power.

    12. He regards this ruby ​​as a shooting symbol, no matter where he goes, he can always bring him good luck.

    13. Ruby is a high -end gemstone, which is one of the five major gems. It is second only to diamonds and ranks second.

    14. The color of ruby ​​is the primary measurement indicator of the value of ruby. The more red the color and the more pure ruby ​​value, the higher the value of the ruby.

    15. If the ruby ​​is cut off or covered with too much at the bottom of the inlaid, the color is easy to dark. In order to present bright luster, the gem cutting and inlaying method has not developed too much.

    16. Like sapphire, ruby ​​also has many legendary praise and legends.

    The reference materials

    children's shoes will: m.
    2. What are the sentences that describe ruby ​​
    . These gems contain life: they The color of the color can be expressed in words that are difficult to express.

    2. In the dream, I got a strange gem. It was a pale red gem. I put it in my mouth and heard many strange sounds.

    3. I have a gem, I like to study it. There is a sharp corner in the center of its round body. Pick it up and turn it up like a kaleidoscope.

    4. It is very transparent, but it is easy to leave the fingerprint and it is easy to stick. In fact, it is made of glass, and it can magnify the object like a magnifying glass, which is very interesting.

    5. Life is hidden in the ruby: their colors can speak that the language is difficult to express, just like Chaoxia greeted the light.

    6. The emerald placed on the table is like a green leaves, with a faint colorful halo on the surface, like the bright stars left in the world.

    7. It is a purple circular crystal necklace, with a small square sterling silver pendant hanging, exuding a pure light, crystal clear purple, sparkling under the sun. r. n
    8. Renewal of brilliant in the unique, grace in the grace. Pinhan's exquisite luxury in the world, nostalgic for the ripples of the palace court. , Like the murmur of Fanchen Ripple.

    9. There is a legend that people wearing rubies will live healthy and longevity, get rich, be smart and wise, and love happiness and happiness.

    10. Wearing a ruby ​​ring on the left hand or a ruby ​​chest ornament on the left will have a magical power of fierceness, turning the enemy as a friend. "" (Red Gry).

    11. The gorgeous gorgeous color is reflected by a simple background. It is formed by combining with a simple background, so it is colorful, just like people.

    12. If people compare their appearances as gems, then people's simple clothes and dignified behaviors are compared to the simple background of gemstones. If you want to become a gem, you must have the beauty and gorgeousness of the gemstone. The combination of simple backgrounds reveals its beauty.
    3. What are the verses of the gem
    1? Surge me with papaya and report it to Qiong. "贵" refers to the precious jade articles, which is used to symbolize simple and beautiful wishes, expressing the simple and kind inner world of the ancient people of my country

    2, "two rounds of haze, four horses, helping jade 桴 兮 兮 琚 琚 琚The drum "Qu Yuan-" Nine Songs ", of which" Jade "refers to the drums of jade head

    3, Qiong Zhi thinks as shy, Jing Qiongmei thinks that rice is long; Driving the flying dragon, the Yao Yaoxiang thinks that the car "-Li Sao" "Qiong Zhi" refers to the beautiful jade, "Qiong Mi" refers to the debris of jade, "Yaoxiang" refers to the ivory of the beautiful jade, and the beauty of the treasure jade describes the magnificent description Thousands of momentum express the romantic feelings of the poet.

    4, Shuangzhu 玳瑁 簪 "," Ancient Poems for Jiao Jiao Qing's Wife Polyme "," Ears of the Moon Pearl, "" Pearl "and" Dan "here" They all refer to jewelry, "Zhu Dan" refers to the ruby; Cao Zhi's "Beauty" "Jade is safe from time to time". "

    5, Wang Zhizheng's famous" Liangzhou Ci "" Why do you need to blame the willow, the spring breeze is not the Yumen Pass ", Wang Han's" Liangzhou Ci "also has a sentence of" Grape Wine Nights Cup " , Li Shangyin's "Jin Se" has tears in the pearl of the sea, and the blue field sun is warm and smoke "... and Li Bai used" Mingyuezhu "to metaphorize Xianneng, and Xin Qiji used" jade leakage "to the long metaphor ... especially in" Dream of Red Mansions ". A magical "psychic treasure jade" contains endless poetic and paintings. There are many verses about treasure jade, such as "pearls are like gold like gold like iron", "white jade is a common gold as a horse", "The East China Sea lacks white jade bed, Dragon King invited to come, King Jinling "... can reach the extreme of Chinese treasure jade poems.

    6, the spiritual wall stone of "Huaxia Shenlong"

    lifting the storm, lightning lightning, collecting a hundred thousand tribal totems, from ancient times;

    Sa Ruixiang, Broadcasting Fushou, and hundreds of millions of Chinese people's wish to fly to glory.

    7, spiritual wall stone, "Chinese dragon" (word card "versatile complex"):

    The in the air, jump in the water, take the clouds to control the wind. Shenwei China Dragon.

    The aspiration on the chest, faith in the chest, and flying towards Bichang. Happy rainbow.

    8, rolling stones, the overall shape is like a woman's half -body, and its beautiful rolling pattern is like a woman's hair, like a waterfall. I named it "Hair Waterfall" and matched such a poem:

    r r r to Tian Waterfall, Millennium Dynamic Poetry

    9, Bai Juyi's "Taihu Stone", which is written in the appearance characteristics of a Taihu stone, through the description of the appearance characteristics, The momentum of chanting stones:

    The look at the old Saga, looking at the strangeness.

    is only eight or nine feet high.

    The embedded Huayang Cave, overlapping Kuangshan Cen.

    邈 矣 仙 仙.

    The shape is the ancient, and the complexion is clear.

    The autumn is already dazzling.

    The faith is different, and it is not appointed from time to time.

    The sharpening knife is not as good as hard, and it is not as good as anvil.

    This is the owner's meaning, and it is like a gold.

    Mi Yi's Creator can know my heart alone. rn rn 他的另一首咏石诗《双石》,除后面几句是写自己的心事之外,全诗主要是描述石头的外观特点和神韵的:rn
    Cangran two stones, weird and ugly.

    The eternal relics, once in my hand.

    old swords are led by old swords.

    The suddenly doubt the sky and fall, not like the world.

    r to support my piano, one can store my wine.

    This is a few feet high.

    . The five string leaned on the left, and one cup was placed on the right.

    This bottle refreshing, Yushan has been long for a long time.

    The people are all good, and they seek their own even.

    The fear of the youth field, not tolerate the white cricket.

    It back to ask Shuangshi, you can accompany your husband.

    although the stone cannot be said, I am three friends

    10, Zong Luhao's "Tiandai style" is to describe the appearance characteristics of a strange stone to chant this strange stone. Natural beauty:

    This Pu Shouzhen Ying Daqian, the empty spirit reveals naturally.

    Thousands of sculptures Bailao Sagli, like jade and beads and smoke.

    It is like Zheng Jinzhi's chanting a couplet of spiritual wall stones. nThis ax splits stable body;

    Sthemg carving is generous.

    "The Solitary Peak Solo Show", the first two sentences chant the appearance characteristics of the stone, and the last two sentences chant the beauty of the charm of the stone:

    Bisaki, Qing Ping came out of the sheath.

    The towering and dangerous and powerful, can sing with the Han king.

    The poetry of chanting stone can also be described by describing a piece of strange stone to form the precious value of this strange stone. For example, the clumsy "Yulinglong" describes a specific condition and long journey formed by a strange stone, which shows that this strange stone is not easy, and the value is precious:

    Wan thousand years of success, began with jade exquisite.
    4. Find a poem about ruby ​​(ancient modern times)

    The gemstone came out of the mountain, and the knowledgeable person returned to his hometown.

    The carvings are not worried, and it is red.

    This is rare and precious.

    The days of sacred jade, collecting for collection.

    Woman who knows that he Zhi Gao is beside him.

    The pious burn incense candle, silently asked God Cang.

    This should be not in the pool, when there are both wings.

    The intentional steps, the blue sky soared.

    This to read thousands of books, and the footprints cross the ocean.

    The poems have been passed on for a long time, and Chinese and foreign exaggeration articles.

    Toffu's heart folded, and the waves pushed forward.

    This to learn the ancient girl, bless the little girl:

    5. About the poems of the gem

    1. Amber loaded waist, dragon incense into a scarf, only Feiyan is the predecessor. ——Su Shi's "Nan Gezi · Amber Put in the waist"

    2. It was the old god, which was originally cold. The mosquito fell in it, and the millennium is still cricket. ——Wei Yingwu "Yong Amber"

    3. Lanling wine tulip, jade bowl Shenglai amber light. ——Li Bai


    1. Agate a flushing jade jade, rhinoceros all day long. Yanzhou people arrived at Guanghan Palace. Tongyun outside the lame is full, and the curtain is not pomegranate. Who will turn the autumn color in the building. —— "Huanxi Sand" Deng Su

    . The osmanthus flowers in the crystal palace, the fairy explore several times. Hongfang Jinrui embroidered heavy platform, low -pouring agate cup. Jade Rabbit Silver toad was guarding, and Ji'e's female drama. Yao listened to Juntian Jiuzou, and the Jade Emperor looked at it. —— "Moon Palace Spring" Mao Wenxi


    1. Emerald clothes white jade people, not naive with chills. ——Xiang Ziyi "Huanxi Sand"

    2. Emerald 欹 欹 欹 欹 欹 欹 欹 欹 欹 欹 欹 欹 欹 欹 欹 欹 欹 欹 欹 —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— ——. It is not not that it is not a poet, and the empty reciprocal spring sounds. ——Lin Kuan

    3. You should see the fairy, and take the real bead twelve lines. The jadeite is well -known in the world, and Yutang is suitable for each other. ——Lo Yin

    4. Jiuli Tower Terrace Emerald, two lines of heron stepping true beads. ——Lo Yin

    5. The King of Jade is called emerald, and it contains Yao Shangliu. —— Guo Moruo

    6. The King of Jade is called emerald, and it contains Shangliu Ying. The thick green spring heart is moving, and Guide Xin. Flame Yu is still easy to distinguish, and people are difficult to distinguish. Performing the door, Tao Ran gamblestone. —— Guo Moruo


    1. The stagnant water is not clear, the pearl is not easy to find. Vaguely Shen Ji Pu, imagined in the middle. The eyes were clear, and the clothes hated the secret. Looking at Sichuan Seiki, I love luminous floating. The moon enters the suspect, and the star returns like a mussel. At the end of the person who knows the treasure, he picks up and searches. —— "Fu Different Water Seeking Pearls" The king of the king

    2. Changchuan is charming, and the base is pregnant. Sucho is born at the end of the apple. Deflowing the ice color, rippling Ruiguangpu. The night star concentration, the Qingqiu bank does not dry. Jiang Fei was thinking, and the sea guests were also forgetful. Hepu is repaid, and Enmou Shi has been applied. —— "Fuwedi Water" Mo Xuanqing

    3. Bao sincerity is rare. Deeply obscure, bright and clear. If the performance will be repaid, the clothes will be more collected. The mussel tire should be different, how can the fish eyes be 俦. Suncai meets Gao Jian, and the starlight is dark. Not because of today, the mud is out of no way. —— "Turless Water" Lu price


    1. Baozhuo Coral Mountain is thin. Slowly move, a cloud of clouds. ——Euyang Xiu's "Butterfly Love Flower · Baozhuo Coral Slim"

    2. There are no flowers leaves, non -stone nor Joan. Where is the world, Penglai Stone is born. —— "Yong Coral" Wei Yingwu

    3. The song is rewarded with the coral trees, and the emotions are deeply poured into amber cup. —— "Drop Polo" Feng Yanyi


    1. Jade steps Bai Lu, Night -long invading Luo socks. But the crystal curtain was laid out, looking at the autumn moon. ——Li Bai's "Jade Step Resentment"

    2. The equal amount of red strokes, and the roads are uniform. Cut off Yutan Yingyu water and cut into two ice. During the wheel, only the stars invaded the Buddha, and the hanging place was often suspected of being a monk. I ca n’t find it in the middle of the night, Liuli is the temple moon. ——Cao Song's "Water Essence Nurses"

    3. Xing Huiyue Yao Mo is over, and the shame chickens take care of them. The superiors read the Buddha Panzhen, and the Buddha and the Pearl thought. It refers to the Buddha's body, but also the wisdom of the Buddha. —— Ouyang Zhan's "Stepper Water Shipper Song"


    1. The bank of Linjiang has no light. Thousands of years of hardness, warm and square. Watching Yu Xuan Yin in detail, a lifetime of hard work. Cut the re -carved carving, film Yuwan Gold.

    [Night Pearl]

    1. Three pounds of cold water jade and made into a night pearl. ——Bai Yuli "Dan Shi"

    2. The internal and external inner and ourselves of the bright and clear light, the clear light is like a crystal palace, and it is not allowed to be in the palm of the night- "Zhu Li Palm" Xue Tao r r r

    3. The splendid golden side, exquisite jade hall. Kunchi Mingyue Manchu, Hepu Nights returned. Cai Ling Snake turns, and the shape follows the dance phoenix. The Ganquan Palace rises, and the flowers are beautiful. —— "Pearl" Li Yan

    . The two -month full moon was full, and a star was lonely after the dawn. The net light is difficult to extinguish, and Yunsheng is out of hope. Knowing the Taiping Dynasty, the national treasure was famous. —— "Fire Pearl in Feng Tu" Cui Shu

    5. The bright spring water, Yinghuang shining beads. —— "Fu Shen Zhu Yuquan"

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