2 thoughts on “Does Hefei still have a pawn? Do you want to sell a bit of gold jewelry?”

  1. Hefei has a pawn shop, most of which are concentrated in Shushan District. There are also several pawn banks in the government affairs area, which can come out a lot in navigation search.

  2. Many places can recycle gold. Common main are: 1. Recycling companies, large companies and small companies. It is recommended to choose large and large platforms to be more guaranteed to recover. 2. Gold -oriented processing stores, such places can generally recover gold, but the price will be relatively low, because after all, processing is their homepage. 3. Poolings, this is a relatively traditional way, but the same is true for pawn banks. The price will be relatively low, and different pawns have different requirements. Not every one is paid. 4. Golden Store’s new activity of old changes. This kind of encounter is luck. When the gold market is hot, many gold shops have new activities for old -fashioned, but they can only be replaced with the same brand, and the activity discounts are not great.

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