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  1. 1. Colorful Yunnan (Kunming Colorful Yunnan (International) Emerald Jewelry Co., Ltd.)

    (National protection trademark, once won the Chinese brand brand, the domestic jewelry industry leading brand, top emerald brand, Kunming Colorful Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd.)

    It colorful Yunnan Emerald is a registered trademark of Nosida Group. The brand's products are all natural jadeite (A). Emerald business grading system and emerald pricing system. All the raw materials of the colorful Yunnan emerald come from the only place for the world's commercial jadeite -Myanmar. Each emerald jewelry operated by the colorful Yunnan must pass the national authoritative inspection agency to strictly test it before it can be sold.

    2. Shouyin Emerald (Tongling Jewelry Co., Ltd.)

    (dedicated to Belgian high -quality cutting diamonds and handed down emerald promotion, high -end emerald brand, the world's first entering space to enter space Emerald brand, Tongling Jewelry Co., Ltd.)

    Tong Ling Jewelry is committed to creating a mid -to -high -end jewelry brand that is worth "for the next generation" for customers. In the design, research and development and sales of mid -to -high -end jewelry products, the core business is the operation and management of the two jewelry brands of "TESIRO" and "Blue Flame". Diamond is a patented product with intellectual property rights. In 2009, as a Belgian national ritual, he was witnessed by the king of the king of the Chinese government to the Chinese government delegation

    . Dongfang Jinyu (Dongfang Jinyu Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. )

    (currently the only listed company in the domestic emerald industry, the largest jadeite supplier in China, emerald jewelry manufacturer, Oriental Jinyu Co., Ltd.)

    Dongfang Jinyu It is China's first emerald listed company. It is committed to becoming the first -class emerald raw materials and accessories suppliers in Asia. It has a well -known brand jewelry and jewelry product manufacturer. The jewelry processing plant and the exhibition hall have more than 10,000 square meters of jewelry malls in Kunming, Yunnan, and have a jewelry mall of more than 3,000 square meters in Beijing and a 800 -square -meter emerald monopoly flagship store. Specialized flagship stores have emerald raw materials procurement bases and bonded warehouses in Tengchong, Myanmar and Yunnan.

  2. Lao Fengxiang began in 1848. It is a century -old national brand and a famous jewelry brand in China. Lao Fengxiang's gold, silver, diamonds, emerald, pearls, gold inlaid jade and other jewelry products are all loved and praised by consumers. Colorful Yunnan was founded in 1999. It is a local industry brand rooted in Yunnan, which is rooted in the Red Earth Plateau. It operates a number of industries such as emerald jewelry, tea industry, commercial real estate, tourism culture industry, health care industry, and international hotels. The colorful Yunnan emerald raw materials are all from the origin of the jadeite -Myanmar. All of them are naturally emerald jewelry, and never sell artificial emeralds. Colorful Yunnan has full -time quality inspectors and appraisers in every aspect of the production and sale of jadeite to ensure that each piece of jadeite to customers is the best quality. Dongfang Jinyu brand is affiliated with Dongfang Jinyu Co., Ltd., one of the largest domestic jadeite raw material suppliers and emerald jewelry product manufacturers. It is also the vice president unit of the 2008 Beijing Olympics franchise product operator and the China Jewelry and Jewelry Industry Association. Dongfang Jinyu has a group of top emerald rough stone appraisal experts and carved processing masters. Emerald jewelry carving technology is prevailing in the industry. Its types of jadeite are complete and novel in style, and are loved by consumers.

  3. Which emerald brand is more reliable? It is not a reliable emerald brand, but the seller is reliable. There are many varieties of jadeite, and the price is much different.

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