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  1. The question can be understood as a personal DIY by making diamonds by yourself. Theoretically possible. Diamond stone needs to be ultra -high temperature and high pressure. Personally want to meet this condition. It is possible to achieve with fierce explosives. But the pressure container is not easy to find anyway, it is a super bomb anyway. Put some graphite inside. The explosion may produce a little diamond.

  2. Brothers, your thoughts are good, but this process is not desirable. Now industrial -grade diamonds have begun to mass production. What do you want to make it, and the cost and risk of explosives are high. I suggest you study something else, such as low -cost blasting of buildings, evasion channels for house earthquakes, tsunami escape circles, etc., waiting for you to study, it will make a great contribution to humans

  3. What you want to know is the technology of artificial synthetic diamonds, mainly to imitate the environment of natural diamond growth to cultivate diamonds. In terms of the growth method of crystal formation, synthetic diamonds can be roughly divided into three methods: one is the high temperature and high pressure method, the other is the vibration wave method, and the third is the syncope method of chemical gas.
    I. High temperature and high pressure method: The materials used in this method include coal, coke, graphite, paraffin, sugar, etc.; there are reports that have been listed in more than 20 kinds of synthetic materials. The catalysts for applications can be used with iron, cobalt, nickel, 铑, 钌, 钯, 锇, 铱, chromium, magnesium, and magnesium, or these metal elements. It is required to reach at least 75,000ATM (atmospheric pressure), and it is best to have a high pressure state of 80,000ATM to 110,000ATM. The formation temperature should be between 1200 ° C ?? 2000 ° C, preferably between 1400 ° C ?? 1800 ° C. The middle part of the reactor is a high temperature area, the carbon source is placed in the area, and the crystal species is placed in the low temperature zone of the lower part of the reactor. Taking graphite as the carbon source, the crystal species is fixed in the crystal bed of sodium chloride (salt). A special crystal of the crystal species faces the metal catalyst. Place the diameter between the crystal and the carbon source 6mm, 3mm thick, and the cylindrical of the metal catalyst. This metal catalyst is iron nickel alloys. After the combination, place the one -way pressure, the four -dimensional slide -like three -dimensional ultra -high -temperature high -temperature device, and then put it in the oil compressor of 1,000 meters. Hour.
    . The vibration wave method: It mainly uses the instantaneous high temperature and high pressure conditions generated during the explosion to synthesize diamonds. The synthetic diamond particles are small (commonly referred to as diamond powder), which is only suitable for industrial application.
    . Chemical gas phase precipitation method: First of all, hydrogen and hydrocarbon -containing gases (generally used methane CH4), through a set of regulators, adjust the proportion of two gases, and then use microwave sources or electric heating wires to heat, heating, etc. The mixed gas makes the temperature of about 2000 ° C. Hydrogen and methane will be decomposed into a plasma flow formed by hydrogen atoms and carbon atoms, and then the tuberculosis will grow into a thin film on the substrate of heating to 600 ~ 1000 ° C.

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