If you buy gold in a jewelry store, will you buy fake gold? How can you tell the true from the false

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  1. 1. Nitric acid test method

    put the gold into a small stainless steel container, drop a drop of nitric acid on the gold, and observe the reaction. If the acid drops appear green, then the gold ware is either made of ordinary metal or plated with gold. If it is gold, it is gold-plated copper. If it is milk colored, it is gold and silver plated. If there is no response, then this gold is real

    2. Listen to the sound

    when more than 99% of the real gold is thrown on the hard ground, it will make a sound without rhyme and elasticity. The false or low-quality gold sounds are crisp without dullness. It usually makes a "Dangdang" sound, and there are aftersounds. It beats violently after landing

    3, weight

    the specific gravity of gold is 19.3g/cm3, and the fineness is closely related to the specific gravity. When the specific gravity is close to 19.3, the higher the pure gold content. Weigh the weight by hand to see whether it is commensurate with the size of the volume. Large and light shapes may be adulterated. However, it is generally weighed in the hands. If it is slightly heavy, it can be perceived that it is genuine gold jewelry. It can be seen that the gold is small and heavy. Be alert to bulky and light ornaments and carefully identify whether they are fake or semi fake

    extended data

    Jewelry discrimination

    among gold jewelry, pure gold jewelry is soft in texture, with marks on teeth, easy to bend, golden in color, pure and soft, heavy in hand, and heavy in weight. The K-gold jewelry has a slightly hard texture, no teeth bite, and the color is yellow with white, and with the decrease of K number, the white gradually increases and the yellow gradually lightens. K-gold jewelry is not as heavy as pure gold jewelry. In addition, both pure gold and K-gold jewelry have seals

    on the gold jewelry, there are "gold" characters and "kg" letters to indicate the texture. When indicating the gold content, the words "99" or "24K" indicate that it is pure gold jewelry. The K-gold jewelry indicates the corresponding K number according to the gold content. For example, the K-gold jewelry marked with "18K" has a gold content of 75%

    in addition, the jewelry also has the place of origin seal of different manufacturers. Genuine gold jewelry, with standard, complete and clear seals, is an important identification mark

    there are many kinds of jewelry that are easily confused with gold jewelry, some are gold-plated jewelry, some are gold-plated jewelry, some are copper jewelry, and some are copper alloy jewelry

    reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia - gold jewelry

  2. On December 5, 2919, the Millennium jewelry store on the first floor of Wanda, Tongshan, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, made money by selling pots! Promise to send it to friends for free, and then let the group hair assistant choose 200 people to send it in groups. Change the electric rice cooker and add 59 yuan. It is said that you can buy gold in the future to offset the money! If you buy gold in the future, what can this 59 count? The key is that the quality of the pot is extremely poor, and the 30 yuan stall goods are better than him! Another important reason is that the attitude of the staff is extremely poor. They organize their own activities and let customers run to the shop assistant to sign. They also say that the customers have no feet! The roaring customer also said that you can send it to the circle of friends as you want! It seems that the shop is his own! OK, as you said, I will not only speak here, but also the community groups of the major communities in Xuzhou! If it wasn't for the attitude of the clerk, the 59 yuan would have been thrown away without a word. But now it's different. I have to talk about it! The store manager is also irresponsible!

  3. Regular jewelry shops will not sell fake goods. First of all, you should know whether you want to buy thousands of gold or full gold or 18K gold. The quality and price of gold are different. Unlike diamonds, gold can have a certificate. An old hand can know its fineness by looking at its color. According to national regulations, jewelry will be engraved with fineness, such as: thousand gold (AU9999), full gold (au9990), g750, au750 18K, etc. Generally, there will be no fake. People in this industry value credibility very much
    when you have time, you can visit platinum jewelry. The price is definitely cheaper than the market, mainly gold, platinum and diamond wholesale and retail
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  4. General jewelry stores don't sell fake jewelry. If you don't feel at ease, go to a large jewelry store. You can rest assured

    real gold jewelry is usually engraved with a mark of 9999 thousand gold, etc

  5. It's better to go to the jewelry store of Dahang, which is cheaper than the shopping mall, and it's also guaranteed. Of course, the brand with good local reputation is required, so there will be no fake and the weight is guaranteed!!!

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