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  1. According to the national standards, the jewelry should be printed with necessary marks on the jewelry holder before leaving the factory. These marks include: manufacturer code, purity, material, weight and identification of the main stone of the inlaid jewelry (diamonds above 0.10 carat). Diamond jewelry generally shows the weight of the diamond and the mark of the merchant. Some diamond rings also have a mark beginning with D number. D represents diamond (the first letter of diamond in English). For example, we often have D031, which means diamond with 31 points (0.31ct)

    in addition to the weight of the diamond on the inner wall of the diamond ring, the material used for setting the diamond will also be marked. For example, platinum is identified by "PT" in the chemical element table. The common PT900 refers to the metal containing 90% of platinum. While g18k, au750 and g750 represent that the material of the diamond ring is 18K (75% gold). Palladium is the cheapest of these three materials, and 18K is the best choice for diamond setting

    extended data:

    as an important representative of love and marriage, diamond rings have a long history and a very beautiful legend. For hundreds of years, indestructible diamonds have been linked with eternal love, and diamonds are regarded as the best gift to express love and convey love. Diamonds are almost linked to marriage. We know that diamonds are a very expensive item. Wearing diamonds has become a kind of jewelry with "noble" symbolic significance

    the allusion that the diamond ring was used as a token of love for the first time occurred in 1477. In order to get the love of Princess Mary of France, Maximilian of Austria, because Mary was so beautiful, pursued many nobles and grandsons. Therefore, Maximilian summoned many Counselors to give advice. Finally, it was proposed that the diamond ring symbolized faithful and eternal love, and the princess could get her love by wearing the diamond ring on her finger. Later, Maximilian used this method, and, as expected, it was effective. When he gently put the diamond ring symbolizing love on the ring finger of Princess Mary's left hand, Princess Mary agreed. Since then, the tradition of giving diamond rings for engagement has been initiated

    reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia - regulations on the purity and nomenclature of precious metals in jewelry

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  2. First, these data are usually marked on the diamond ring: g18k, au750, g750, PT900, pt950, pt990, pd900, pd950, etc. these represent the material and material content of the diamond ring. G18k, au750, and g750 represent the material of the diamond ring is 18K, and the content of gold is 75%, which is relatively the most suitable material for setting diamonds. PT900, pt950 and pt990 are the labels of platinum, representing jewelry with 90%, 95% and 99% platinum content. Pd900 and pd950 represent palladium with a content of 90% and 95%, and PD is also the cheapest of these three kinds of gold. Palladium diamond has also been favored by people. However, palladium has obvious disadvantages, and it will turn gray after being placed in the air for a long time
    such labels often represent the properties of the ring material metal. 18K metal is gold, which is an alloy of gold and other metals. 24K is real pure gold, and 18K gold is suitable for making jewelry. Therefore, the terms 18K platinum and 18K pure gold in the market are wrong. This is a statement made by merchants to mislead consumers. According to the national regulations, only platinum can be called platinum. 18K platinum can only be a popular expression. Written expression can only be called 18K white gold. The name of 18K platinum can be misunderstood as impure platinum
    platinum can only be marked with the beginning of Pt, generally including PT900, pt950 and pt990
    in addition, some start with D and then follow some numbers. D stands for diamond and is the first letter of "diamond". For example, d050 refers to a diamond of 50 points (0.5ct). D131 d0075 refers to 1.31 carat of main stone and 7.5 points (0.0075 carat) of auxiliary stone
    what is the meaning of the inscription on the inside of the diamond ring? In addition to the above common symbols, there are other symbols for the diamond ring. Some are the abbreviation of the company, the place of production, the manufacturer, the brand label, etc., and some are also marked with the cutting, clarity, color grade, etc. of the diamond.

  3. Identification: the content includes the manufacturer code, purity, material and the weight of the main diamond of the diamond jewelry. The name, manufacturer and address, weight, price, etc. of the jewelry shall be on the label and bill. For example, Pt shall be printed on platinum products.

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