Price of pink diamonds

Can a carat of pink diamonds be more expensive than ordinary diamonds? Who knows where we can customize it in China now, and what is the price

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  1. One carat SI1 clarity VG cut plus 3.5 18K gold weight. The market price of the whole diamond ring will be around 55000. Of course, the cheapest is online naked diamond customization, which requires online quotation of no more than 40000. Also, when buying, you should see the corresponding relationship between the diamond certificate and the diamond ring, and pay attention to whether the diamond has fluorescence
    when buying a diamond ring, the most important thing is the beauty of the diamond ring. Whether the diamond ring is beautiful depends mainly on the quality of the diamond, and has little effect on the brand of the diamond ring. No matter where the same diamonds are sold, their quality is the same. Generally speaking, the choice of diamond rings customized with naked diamonds has obvious advantages in price. It is a new way for many young people to choose to buy diamond rings and a trend to buy diamond rings. The price of diamond rings mainly depends on the 4C of diamonds. Only high-quality diamonds can show the brilliant fire color.

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