4 thoughts on “Where is the best jewelry store in Qingdao?”

  1. It's too lucky
    it is highly recommended that the tanggua Xiaopu sign opposite No. 15 middle school is the black one.
    there are some Pingping Zhengda stores next to it, which are also good.
    in addition, there is an Angela store in Taidong, which is also good, but a little expensive

  2. I don't know what kind of things you want to buy.
    if you only buy small headwear for girls, I suggest you go to Geely or Xiaoqi or Baba palm. Deji is near Taidong pedestrian street, Xiaoqi has a shop on the wedding dress street, and there is also a shop across the road from the side door of the women's and children's wholesale market. Baba palm is on the downhill of Weihai Road, Next to fengzhijie ~ I suggest you don't go to the top ~ things are expensive and bad ~ if you want to buy things like necklaces, I suggest you go to large stores, such as sunshine, because the things in these jewelry stores are not very good ~ if you just take them with you, it's ok to go to those places.

    finally, there are many lattice shops in Qingdao recently. Things are good. Because the ground rent is cheaper, the price is not high, Specific location:
    there are many ` you can go to see 'on Zhongshan Road in Taitung.

    PS: I think Angela mentioned on the fourth floor is not very expensive ~ but things are getting worse now ~ you can go to vivi in Zhongshan mall, where the things are lovely ~ it can be considered the best jewelry store in Qingdao.
    also, Zhengda things are very earthy

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