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  1. Unique and creative gifts include:

    1. Creative photo crystal music box

    this crystal music box can print live photos exclusively inside. It is a very memorable birthday gift, suitable for girls or girlfriends

    2. Creative sunshine jar

    this seemingly ordinary little bottle is actually a very magical sunshine jar. It can store sunlight during the day and then emit warm light at night. It is the warmest of the ten unique birthday gifts

    3. Music desk lamp that can sing

    you must have never seen music desk lamp that can sing?! This small desk lamp can be connected to mobile phones, MP3 to play music, and the personalized design that can engrave characters makes it the most unique practical gift

    4. Photo customizable pillow

    the most special place of this creative pillow is that it can be customized with real photos. Whether it is a friend or lover's birthday, printing the real photos will be a romantic gift with special surprise

    5. Real clay figurine

    this is a creative decoration that can be customized with real photos. It will be a great surprise to secretly customize one with a friend's photo before your birthday. It is a creative and funny gift worth collecting

  2. 1. Star Projector
    the moment you turn off the light, the dazzling stars appear around you. The stars are shining in the place within your reach. The girl will not like such a beautiful picture. If you want to send a creative gift in the future, choose it. This is really the sincerity you want the stars in the sky. I would like to pick them for you ~
    2. Music listening pillow
    new music lovers should not miss this gift. Various shapes can be selected, and you can choose the type you like. The comfortable pillow can be used not only for sleeping but also for leaning on it in leisure time to enjoy the three-dimensional surround of 3D music. It was so enjoyable
    3. Customizable photo pillow
    the most special thing about this gift is that it can customize real photos. When friends or lovers or birthdays, choose one of your daily group photos to print and send it to them. You will be very surprised. This romantic gift is suitable for all ages
    4. Custom oil painting
    this gift is very suitable for the student party to send it. It ranks fourth among the 10 creative birthday gifts recommended. The price is cheap and I'm very disappointed. Send the photos to the seller and customize them into digital oil paintings. If you don't want to customize it, you can choose to paint it yourself and send it to the other party
    5. Creative weather forecast bottle
    the shape of this gift is very unique, like a tool in the laboratory, but it is actually used to show the recent weather. The turbid liquid in the bottle represents cloudy weather in the day; When large crystals appear on the bottle body, it means that there will be a great degree of cooling. Isn't it amazing~

  3. I think the unique gift is to take your own photos and some photos of you together, and the handicrafts you made for her by hand, or draw a picture for her. As long as you work hard, I think they are unique.

  4. 1. Creative crystal photo Rubik's cube
    the three sides of the crystal can be customized with photos. With the colorful light-emitting rotating base, it reflects the brilliant light and magical images. It is a romantic gift for girls
    2. Customization of super realistic human figures
    when you open the gift box and see a soft clay figure exactly like yourself, your expression will be very interesting. This soft clay doll specially customized according to real people is definitely a unique and creative gift. This handmade soft clay doll is highly simulated and cute. It is a gift worth collecting.

  5. Unique gifts are nothing more than customized gifts. Generally customized gifts are hand-made crafts, such as Yihan embroidery gifts, which are purely hand-made gifts. These are all quantitative and can be customized

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