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  1. Relevant experts remind consumers that they should pay attention to the following six aspects when buying gold, silver and jewelry

    the lack of fineness, content and weight of precious gold and silver jewelry is a problem. The refining of platinum 950 and thousands of gold requires a very high process. The problems of insufficient goods, fineness and content of the products of some small factories occur from time to time. The seller may have insufficient weight when measuring, and consumers must pay attention to it when buying

    attention should be paid to adulterated jewelry. For example, the "platinum 950" and "thousand gold" found in Guangdong are only coated with a thick layer of platinum 950 and thousand gold, but silver or other metals are inside. Because the coating is very thick, the detection instrument cannot detect problems, and only destructive detection can detect them. At present, this situation is not found in the Zhengzhou market, but consumers should also pay attention

    too large and too many solder joints and rough processing are also problems to be noted. Such jewelry is of poor quality and easy to break

    the main problems in jewelry are the artificial improvement of diamond grade and the insufficient weight of inlaid diamonds

    when buying jade and jade articles, you should pay attention to the problems of shoddy and fake jade. For example, white jade is made of glass, and the colored crystal rock is used as jade

    finally, pay attention to the problems such as the falling off of gemstones, false certificates and unqualified certificates.

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