3 thoughts on “What is gold in Feng Shui?”

  1. Pay attention to the shape of the styling

    In fact, many gold jewelry is actually more paid attention to, it is not easy to make the angle too sharp. Because in general, such gold jewelry not only threatens its own security. And the too sharp shape will actually have a lot of evil effects on yourself, so it is best to pay attention to not to use too sharp gold jewelry.

    is best worn on the left hand

    many women, with gold bracelets and gold bracelets are regardless of left and right hands, usually with mood. In fact, wearing it on jewelry is very particular. First of all, according to our traditional statement, go left and right, so the gold bracelet is suitable for wearing on the left.

    From the actual perspective, bracelets are also suitable for wearing on the left hand. In real life, most people are right -handed. Therefore If you do it, if you wear a golden bracelet with your right hand, it will be easy to wear and wear it on the left hand, which is conducive to maintenance.

    In gold to wear gold

    do not place gold jewelry in the same drawer and jewelry boxes, because various gems and metal hardness will be Cause loss. Because the hardness of the gold bracelet is low, it should be brought lightly when wearing, and you should not collide with the hard objects and wipe each other, especially the gold necklace is strictly forbidden to pull, pull, and drag.

    News pay attention to wearing too much gold jewelry

    The people can wear jewelry in many places, but at this time, it is best to pay attention. Gold jewelry. Then you should not wear it on your ears, and the same is true. Because if you have too much gold jewelry on your body, it will be easy to expose your wealth, so pay attention.

  2. It is not only to pay attention to Feng Shui. First of all, you must know that your birthday and eight characters and five elements are lacking from Feng Shui. It is also a metaphor for you to be able to balance if you are wooden. For example, if you do n’t wear money if you do n’t wear gold

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