3 Replies to “What software do jewelry design generally use?”

  1. The software used in computer jewelry -assisted design in various countries around the world is: Rhino, Matrix, Jewelcad, ARTCAM, 3DESIGN, DIGITAL GOLDSMITH FOUR, Free Form and so on.
    The so -called jewelery design software is a three -dimensional drawing software that can be professional in the jewelry design industry: this type of software not only has commonly used gems, accessories and other fast modeling tools, but also can be measured and calculated. The specifications and weight of the material of the model; it is not surprising that they should have accurate modeling accuracy to ensure the needs of the production price and rapid forming.
    From the current point of view, it must also be equipped with realistic effect rendering functions and animation display functions, so that customers can enjoy the true effect of the style in the shortest time.

  2. What software is used for jewelry design? I think it can be 3D or CAD. The 3D is relatively effective. The picture is really good -looking. The jewelry design network. This website has various jewelry renderings made of these software and various jewelry Design software, you can go to see what is the difference between the pictures made by several softwares there.

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