5 thoughts on “What are the benefits of wearing rubies?”

  1. 1. Wearing ruby ​​and jewelry can increase enthusiasm, add beauty, and make people have an elegant manner and temperament;

    2. Some people in the West think that rubies can prevent evil thoughts and suppress crazy behavior;
    3. Ruby is known as "the stone of love" and is a symbol of love between couples;
    4. Ruby can be used as a symbol of status. Jewelry is also a symbol of status;

  2. Wearing rubies can enhance vitality because the red of ruby ​​symbolizes strong vitality. In addition, women wearing rubies also have the effect of increasing self -confidence and decorating themselves, because the color of ruby ​​is bright and moving, making women easier to get attention, and their self -confidence will increase.

    1. Enhancement

    In enhanced vitality is one of the main benefits of women wearing rubies. Ruby red represents a strong vitality, which is a gem with positive energy. And ruby ​​is born of nature, and itself contains the pure energy of nature, so wearing rubies can make people more energetic.

    2. Increasing self -confidence

    Puvenal self -confidence is also one of the main benefits of women wearing rubies. Ruby has a bright and touching color. When a woman wear it on her body, it can greatly increase her charm. For unconfident girls, it is easier to get attention and become more confident.

    3, decorative itself

    The main benefits of women wearing ruby ​​are also decorating themselves. The color of the ruby ​​is extremely unique. It is easy to make it light on the body, and the ruby ​​is second only to diamonds in the five gems. It is a very precious gem.

  3. Beautiful and beautiful. If it is a natural ruby, it can be appreciated. Medical books record that rubies are dry and hot, get rid of cold and nourish the heart, dry dampness and nourish the brain, refreshing the spirit, eliminate the sulience, nourish the nerves, and detoxify the eyes. The main smell of humid cold or mucus, such as cold palpitations, panic, wet brain deficiency, cold neurasthenia, schizophrenia, epilepsy and various toxic diseases and eye diseases. Well, generally, it is naturally difficult to minimize. Now the market for commercial sales is basically industrial manufactured, so it is basically not good except good -looking.

  4. In addition to those ruby ​​with low prices and transparent prices, most of the market sells on the market is naturally mined ruby.

    If you like rubies, rubies will bring you a beautiful feeling.

    But for a person who is not interested in ruby, it is just a very expensive stone.

    For (whether it is natural or artificial ruby), I can say responsible for physical benefits: No.

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