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  1. The main purpose of tungsten gold
    1. Machining the knife head, tungsten wire and various thermal conductors for lighting equipment;
    . The ingredients of the crankshaft and the cylinder of the cauliflower of high -end cars, casting all kinds of special specials Ingredients for steel;
    3. Made in the manufacturing of guns, artillery, rockets, satellites, airplanes, and ships.
    4. Popular jewelry such as jewelry and other jewelry.
    The tungsten gold is called tungsten carbide alloy, and the industrial field is also called tungsten steel. Tungsten gold is one of the hardest metal materials in the world. The hardness is between 8-9m (Mo's hardness standard) and is second only to diamond (10m). Tungsten is a rare metal. Tungsten ore is used to refine tungsten powder with a purity of 60%or 90%of the purity of 60%or 90%of the tungsten ore.
    Thising gold products
    1. Do not put with diamond jewelry, tungsten gold jewelry together;
    , tungsten gold gold -plated jewelry, the key to maintaining gold -plated jewelry is to protect the coating. This type of jewelry has a layer of golden film on the surface of the tungsten gold. This layer of golden film is relatively fragile and cannot withstand friction and collision. Therefore, when wearing gold -plated jewelry, you should try to avoid the friction of the surface plating and other hard objects. Do not come into contact with corrosive chemicals.
    The cleaning instructions for tungsten gold products
    1. For polished tungsten gold jewelry, you can wipe the soft cotton cloth to restore the gloss of the tungsten gold jewelry.
    2. For matte and inlaid gold, silver tungsten gold jewelry can be soaked with warm soapy water or neutral detergent, and then rinsed with water.
    3. The golden part of the golden rings inlaid with gold restores the golden part of the gold. Then use hot water and sodium carbonate new solution to wash (one liter of water plus one teaspoon of baking soda) to restore the gloss.

  2. Tungsten gold is a rare colorful mineral product in the world. The annual output is very low and its use is very wide.
    is mainly used for casting ingredients for raw materials. Tungsten gold is derived from a kind of white sand -shaped ... grinding,
    This re -election, refinement and other techniques, obtaining tungsten powder with a quality of more than 95%,
    The finished product is tungsten gold.

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